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You’ve got places to go, and we want to help! At Owenhouse, we stock all the automotive and RV accessories you need to keep your car or camper safely on the road. Whether you need to take care of routine maintenance or want to spruce up your RV to get it vacation-ready, you’ll find the automotive and RV maintenance essentials and accessories you need at Owenhouse Ace.

Stop by either of our Bozeman, MT locations today to shop our assortment of RV, cleaning supplies, sewage hook-up accessories, RV organizers, first aid kits, and much more. We also carry an assortment of automotive tools, tow straps, and even fuel lines sold by-the-foot. Whatever you need to get your car, camper, or trailer on the road, you’ll find it in the Automotive and RV department at Owenhouse.

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In Our Automotive and RV department You’ll Find:


Cleaning supplies

At Owenhouse, you’ll find all the automotive and RV cleaning solutions and supplies you need to keep your interior and exterior looking their best. We carry a wide variety of all-purpose auto cleaners, automotive and RV detergents, auto waxes, protectants, sealants, tire cleaners, interior surface cleaners, shampoos, and much more.

First Aid Kits and Safety Items

Keep your car, RV, and family safe when you’re on the road with automotive and RV first aid kits and safety items from Owenhouse. We carry roadside emergency kits, safety flares, hazard lights, emergency rescue and escape tools, first aid kits, and other safety items.

Tire Gauges and Tire Patching Products

Stop by Owenhouse Ace for tire pressure gauges, patching products, and other tire maintenance and repair essentials. We stock pencil, digital, and dial tire pressure gauges, as well as aerosol tile inflators and sealers, manual and electric air pumps, inflator needles, air tanks, rubber patch kits, tire sealants, and more.

Battery Chargers and Tenders

At Owenhouse, we stock a complete selection of battery charger clamps and cables, battery tune-up clips, hydrometers, battery chargers and maintainers, and lead-top post terminal ends, and other essentials.

Fuses and Electrical Accessories

The Automotive and RV department at Owenhouse has a wide variety of fuses and electrical accessories available in-store, including fuses, interior, and exterior lights, pre-cut automotive wire, fuse pullers, and holders, and more.


Stop by Owenhouse to shop our wide range of hitches and accessories. We stock trailer hitch balls, tie-down and ratchet straps, mounting plates, safety chains and cables, trailer wiring harnesses and extensions, hitch locks, and other towing and hitch necessities.

Sealants and Lubricants

Get the automotive and RV sealants and lubricants you need at Owenhouse. We carry lubricant sprays, chain oils, engine oil, general-purpose lubricants, lock and hitch lubricants, belt conditioner, and more.

Fluids and Funnels

In the automotive and RV department at Owenhouse Ace, you’ll find automotive fluids and funnels for various purposes, including tractor oil, transmission additives, starting fluids, motor oils, oil filters, funnels, and more.

Windshield Washer Fluid and Wipers

Keep your RV and vehicle ready for all weather conditions with our array of windshield washer fluids, wiper blades, washer fluid boosters, cleaning and de-icing fluids, water-repelling treatments, and a collection of other auto glass essentials.

Window Scrapers and Winterizing Accessories

Don’t let winter weather keep you off the road. Stop by Owenhouse to pick up antifreeze and coolant testers, de-icing compounds, antifreeze, window scrapers, sidewalk scrapers, and other cold-weather necessities.

Gas Cans and Siphons

We carry a selection of gas cans and siphons, so you’ll always have the fuel you need on hand. At Owenhouse, you’ll find a variety of gas and oil cans, fuel filters, as well as siphons.

Fiberglass Patch Kits

With a bit of time and some helpful advice and products from Owenhouse, you can take on minor auto and RV body repairs without your car leaving the driveway. We carry body repair kits, fiberglass resin jellies, cream hardeners, body fillers, fiberglass cloth and mats, resin spreaders,

Fuel Line (sold by-the-foot)

Stop by Owenhouse to pick up automotive and RV fuel lines, sold in-store by-the-foot, so you only pay for the line you need.

Jacks, Stands and Creepers

At Owenhouse, you’ll find the tools and accessories you need to tackle repairs in the shop, garage, or even in your driveway. We carry various mechanic’s stools and seats, adjustable creepers, automotive floor jacks and stands, hydraulic bottle jacks, ramps, trailer jacks, and more.

Tow Straps

Get the tow and trailer accessories you need at Owenhouse Ace. We carry tow hooks, tow rings, winch straps, safety chains and cables, lashing straps, tie-down hardware, lifting slings, vehicle recovery straps, and other towing and trailer essentials.

Jumper Cables

Whether at-home or on-the-go, you don’t want to be without jumper cables when your battery won’t turn over. At Owenhouse, you’ll find a collection of jumper cable kits, booster cables, charger clamps, and other automobile and RV necessities.

Automotive Tools

Stop by the Automotive and RV department at Owenhouse to pick up all the automotive tools you need to take on repair jobs to keep your car or RV running smoothly. We stock lug wrenches, gear pullers, spark plug gauges, snap ring pliers, pulley pullers, and more.

Clip-on Mirrors and Reflectors

Whether you’re looking for safety mirrors, vanity mirrors, or both, you’ll find it and more at Owenhouse. We stock an assortment of blind spot mirrors, tow mirrors, visor mirrors, tow mirror clamps, trailer reflectors, and much more.

Air Fresheners

It doesn’t matter how good your car or camper looks if it doesn’t smell good, too. Stop by Owenhouse to shop our selection of auto and RV air fresheners, including hanging air fresheners, vent clip air fresheners, odor-absorbing products, RV air dehumidifiers, and more.

RV Accessories

Find everything you need to stock and organize your RV before hitting the road by shopping at Owenhouse Ace. We stock sunshades, rods, windshield covers, collapsible trash cans, and more.

RV Electrical Parts

If you need electrical parts to make RV repairs, head to Owenhouse. We carry circuit testers, replacement receptacles, conversion adapters, electrical switches, RV outlet adapters, and other RV electrical necessities.

RV Sewage Hook-up Accessories

At Owenhouse Ace, we carry a wide selection of RV sewage hook-up accessories, including sewer hoses, holding tank deodorizers, toilet treatments, hose connector kits, sewer caps, and more.



Automotive Cleaning

Talk To One Of Our Experts About Automotive or RV Accessories in Bozeman, Montana Today

Whether you need to patch a tire or add a hitch for your trailer, Owenhouse Ace Hardware has the parts, tools, and advice you need to get it done. We stock a full selection of automotive and RV tools, accessories, and components in-house and are always happy to place a special order if we’re out of stock on an item you need.

Not sure what you need, or if we carry an item? Call or stop by, and one of our friendly experts will be happy to answer your questions and help you find what you’re looking for. With two convenient Bozeman, MT locations at 36 E. Main Street and 8695 Huffine Lane, Owenhouse makes it easy to get in, get the automotive and RV products and advice you need, and get back on the road.

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