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Grilling Supplies Bozemon

Grilling Supplies Bozemon

At Owenhouse Ace Hardware, we carry a variety of grills for you to choose from!

About Grills and Outdoor Cooking

Whether you’re buying your first grill, upgrading your outdoor kitchen, or even purchasing a grill for your favorite grill master, you have lots to consider. Fuel type, size, and price are often the top considerations when buying a new grill. Design, capacity, local restrictions, and other factors may also come into play. 

At Owenhouse, we have it all, from classic ceramic grills to high-end smokers. With a wide range of grills for sale and all the accessories you need, we’ll have you grilling—and eating—in no time.

Types of Grills

Gas or propane grills

Fueled by natural gas or propane, a gas grill makes it as easy to cook outdoors as in your kitchen. Refillable propane tanks most commonly fuel gas grills, but many models can directly hook up to your home’s natural gas—a popular choice in outdoor kitchens.

Gas and propane grills heat up quickly and give you complete control over cooking temperature, which is adjusted using external knobs. Most gas grills share a cart-style design with an ignition lighter, side prep-shelves, and a hinged lid. Beyond the basics, many include integrated features such as side burners, smoking chambers, warming shelves, tool hooks, fuel tank gauges, and even wireless monitoring.

Gas grill accessories:

Cleaning brush, meat thermometer, long-handled grilling tools, basting brush, grill cover, fire-resistant gloves, and apron 

Charcoal grills

The charcoal grill is a classic, and for a good reason. This versatile barbecue adds a delicious, smoky flavor to your meals that are difficult to replicate. Metal is the most common material used in charcoal grills, but ceramic grills are also an option. 

Small, portable charcoal grills are a mainstay at campsites and tailgate parties and are a favorite of many backyard grillers. While charcoal grills may be more time-consuming to use and clean, its devotees agree the extra effort is always worth it. Many newer models have features that make it easier to preheat and clean your grill. Other in-built features can include lid rests, tool hooks, prep-shelving, and lid thermometers.

Charcoal grill accessories:

Charcoal briquettes, chimney starter, charcoal igniter, racks and skewers

Electric grills

In terms of convenience, the electric grill is unrivaled. For many barbecuers-to-be, including those bound by condo or HOA regulations, the electric grill is the perfect solution for small space grilling. Among electric grills for sale, you’ll find a model to fit almost any situation, from small tabletop designs to cart-style grills with all the trappings. 

Dishes prepared on electric grills can rival those cooked over an open flame thanks to integrated features such as smoker boxes and charcoal baskets. And, since they’re faster to heat up and easier to clean than other constructions, you can grill any day or night without losing precious hours to prepping and cleaning.

Electric grill accessories:

Rotisserie attachment, racks, and skewers, dry rubs and marinades 

Pellet grills

Competitive grillers and novices alike achieve unmatched results when cooking on a pellet grill thanks to its unique construction. Though electrically powered, pellet grills use wood pellets for cooking. They are capable of reaching the high temperatures needed for searing and brazing, as well as the low temperatures desired for slow-cooking and smoking. 

Flavored wood pellets are pushed into the firebox to maintain a preset, but adjustable, temperature. Since heat is dispersed evenly across the cooking surface and throughout the firepot, you may not need to turn your food and can cook rotisserie-style meals without any additional attachments.  

Pellet grill accessories:

Grill racks and skewers, grill baskets, flavored wood pellets


Smokers cook meat for an extended period at low temperatures. Smokers for sale today may be powered by gas, charcoal, or electricity and come in a range of sizes. No matter the power source, smokers contain a pan above the heat source into which liquid and wood chips are placed. Food is placed on a rack above the pan and heat source and will absorb the smoke flavor while it cooks while remaining juicy and tender.

Smoker accessories:

Cold smokebox, wood chips, jerky rack

Outdoor Fryers

Outdoor fryers are a versatile choice that can prepare tailgate fare, Thanksgiving dinner, and everything in between. An outdoor fryer produces flavorful results with the perfect amount of crisp as much as 50% faster than conventional methods. While most outdoor fryers submerge food into a container of hot oil, there are oil-free fryers available. These oil-less options cook your food using radiant heat and are an excellent choice for those who prefer to avoid the risks of cooking with hot oil.

Outdoor fryer accessories:

Fire extinguisher, oil, racks, and hooks 

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza ovens are easy to use, easy to clean and make it possible for every night to be pizza night. Whether you’re shopping for a free-standing pizza oven or a countertop model, you’ll find options that meet your space needs while delivering delicious, fresh-from-the-oven flavor. 

Pizza ovens may be gas or wood-fueled, and many use traditional materials, such as ceramics, which impart the brick-oven flavor most of us know and love. Stainless steel is also used due to its ability to hold and distribute heat.

Outdoor pizza oven accessories:

Pizza peel, pizza stone, pizza cutter and server

Featured Brands

When you’re shopping Owenhouse ACE Hardware grills, you’ll find plenty of high-quality options to meet a range of needs, including bestsellers from top brands such as Big Green Egg, Weber, and Traeger.

Image of a Big Green Egg in it's grill table smoking away with a lovely natural background.

Big Green Egg

Testimonial from a Big Green Egg fan:

“Big Green Egg was the first ceramic grill sold commercially in the US and is arguably still the best. Their ceramic grills come in a range of sizes, all boasting precise temperature control, high-quality construction, and unparalleled taste, making them a favorite of backyard grillers from coast to coast.”



Testimonial from a Traeger fan:

“In 1985, Joe Traeger invented a grill capable of smoking, braising, baking, roasting, grilling, and more: the pellet grill. Over four decades later, Traeger’s line has expanded into a variety of bestselling dependable grills that have been tested and proved time and again.”


Weber Grilling Bozeman Montana


Testimonial from a Weber fan:

“Since its debut in 1952, the Weber Original Kettle Grill has been the quintessential image of backyard barbecues. Their well-known and well-loved designs are backed by exceptional customer service and warranty.”

Grilling Accessories

With grill accessories, you can expand your cookout menu well beyond the basics and get the most out of your investment. Whether you’re looking for cedar planks to impart some smoky flavor to your meat, or a cover to protect your grill from the elements, Owenhouse has it all.

We carry the following grilling accessories & more at Owenhouse Ace Hardware: 


  • Charcoal
  • Charcoal Starters
  • Grill Attachments
  • Grill Covers
  • Grill Pans & Toppers
  • Grill Parts
  • Grill Thermometers
  • Grill Tools

  • Chimney Starters
  • Propane Cylinders and Accessories
  • Smoking Chips & Chunks
  • Grill Fuel
  • Seasoning
  • Sauces
  • Grilling Planks


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