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Whether you’re trying to repair a leaky toilet, updating your kitchen, or need help tracking down a hard-to-find plumbing fitting, Owenhouse is here to help. At Owenhouse Ace Hardware, we take pains to ensure we have a deep assortment of plumbing and heating products in stock. We carry a vast assortment of plumbing equipment, fixtures, gaskets, washers, tubing, and other plumbing essentials.

At Owenhouse, you’ll also find all the elements you need to make aesthetic updates in your bathroom and throughout the house, including faucets, towel bars, robe hooks, shower curtains, and much more.

No matter the plumbing or heating project you plan to tackle, the local experts at Owenhouse Ace will be on hand to offer advice, answer questions, and point you toward the tools, fixtures, and equipment you need to get it done right. Stop by Owenhouse Ace today to see why we’re Bozeman, MT’s one-stop source for plumbing and heating projects and repairs!

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In our Plumbing & Heating Department, You’ll Find:


Faucets & shower heads

Find beautiful and functional faucets and showerheads at Owenhouse Ace Hardware to complete your next plumbing project. We carry faucets in a range of metal finishes and styles so you can coordinate with your existing décor or opt for something completely new throughout your home.

Faucet, drain & toilet repair parts

Whether you have a leaky sink or toilet in need of a new seal, you’ll find everything you need to make your repairs at Owenhouse. Our plumbing department is packed with plumbing repair parts, including faucet stems and cartridges, aerators, O-rings, faucet seats, gaskets, faucet and valve packing, replacement basins, floor drains, and more.

Bathroom grab bars

We stock a variety of bathroom grab bars at both of our Bozeman, MT locations. Shop our selection of mounted and suction grab bars in a variety of finishes and colors, including many ADA-compliant models rated to supply support and stability for up to 500 lbs.

Towel bars & robe hooks

Add storage and touch of style to your bathrooms and powder rooms with towel bars, rings, and hooks from Owenhouse Ace Hardware. Stop by Owenhouse and shop our selection of wall-mounted towel bars and free-standing towel and toiletry storage solutions in a variety of finishes to match your existing hardware.

Shower curtains & rods

Whether you’re installing a new tub or shower insert and need a new shower rod to go along with it or just want to change up the style of your bathroom with a new shower curtain, you’ll find what you need at Owenhouse. We carry a range of tension rods, mounted rods, straight and curved rods, along with shower curtain liners, rings, and decorative shower curtains.


At Owenhouse, we carry a collection of home bathroom scales, including digital and analog models in various styles and finishes to blend effortlessly with your bathroom décor.

Water filtration systems & softener salt

Whether you have a private well or connect to a public water supply, water filtration and treatment products can ensure the water you drink, cook with, and wash in is clean and safe. Stop by Owenhouse Ace Hardware to shop our selection of whole-house water filtration systems, water softeners, water filters, softener salt, and other water filtration supplies.

Fridge filters & ice maker kits

We carry a range of fridge filters, with varieties to fit most prominent manufacturers and models, as well as an assortment of ice maker kits, faucet-mounted water filters, and under-sink water filters to suit a variety of needs and spaces.

Washer & dryer hookups

At Owenhouse, you’ll find washer & dryer hookup supplies you need for laundry room repairs and installations. We stock a selection of dryer vent kits, copper connectors, dryer hoses, outlet boxes, appliance cords, conversion kits, supply valves, recessed waste drains, water hammer arrestors, supply lines, and other necessities.

Garbage disposals

We stock various garbage disposals and parts so you can get everything you need to install or repair your garbage disposal in one stop. We maintain a selection of continuous feed garbage disposals, power cords, sink flanges, splash guards, gaskets, discharge tubes, connector kits, top switches, and more.

Plungers & pipe snakes

Clear clogs at the source or anywhere in your household pipes or main line with our selection of plungers and pipe snakes. We carry toilet and sink plungers and cleanout augers capable of clearing minor clogs near drain openings, as well as power drum augers, sewer rods, and pipe snakes capable of reaching up to 100 feet to clear blockages far from the house.

Plumbing tools

While some repairs are best left to the pros, others are easy to tackle on your own—as long as you have the tools to handle it. At Owenhouse, we carry all the plumbing tools and accessories the pros use so you can keep your pipes and fixtures running smoothly, including tube and pipe cutters, crimping tools, basin wrenches, flaring tools, and more.

Drain cleaners & septic treatments

To keep your pipes, drains, and septic system clean and blockage-free, head to Owenhouse Ace Hardware to shop our selection of drain cleaners, pipe cleaners, and septic treatments. We carry various household drain cleaners and septic chemicals, including liquid and gel clog removers, crystal drain openers and root killers, leach and drain field openers, septic cleaning and treatment chemicals, and more.

Sump & fountain pumps

At Owenhouse, you’ll find a wide selection of household pumps and parts, including utility pumps, sump pumps, sewage pumps, and well pumps. We also carry a variety of check valves, well parts, pressure gauges and switches, float valves, and more.

Pipe & tubing

You’ll find a diverse collection of household pipe and tubing at both of our Bozeman, MT locations. We stock an assortment of discharge hoses, appliance hoses, vinyl tubing, connectors, clamps, and other plumbing essentials.

Pipe fittings

No matter the plumbing project, you’ll find the pipe fittings you need in the plumbing and heating department at Owenhouse Ace Hardware. We stock a vast assortment of plastic fittings, brass fittings, PEX fittings, push fittings, iron fittings, copper fittings, ABS fittings, and test plugs.

Fireplace accessories

Get everything you need to keep your fireplace burning clean and safe at Owenhouse Ace. We stock indoor and outdoor log racks, fireplace grates, fireplace tool sets, ash containers and shovels, fireplace screens, fireplace blowers, and more.

Fire starters & logs

Whether you need to pick up a bundle of firewood or fire starter sticks or logs, you’ll find what you need at Owenhouse. We carry an assortment of fire starters, including wood fiber fire starters, fire logs, pine nugget fire starters, and more. We also stock grab-and-go bundled firewood at both of our Bozeman, MT locations.

Wood pellets

We stock a selection of wood pellets and products suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor heating environments, including pellet stoves, patio heaters, and pellet grills.

Chimney maintenance supplies

Keep your fireplace clean and safe with chimney and fireplace maintenance supplies and accessories from Owenhouse Ace. We carry chimney brushes, creosote removers, soot removers, stove brushes, polishes, sealants, and other cleaning and maintenance necessities.

Furnace filters

Get furnace filters to suit various furnace types and needs at both of our Bozeman, MT locations. We carry an assortment of furnace filters, from budget-friendly MERV-4 filters to keep general pollutants from circulating in your home to filters with a MERV-15 rating that dramatically reduce allergens and other irritants.


We stock a variety of home heating and cooling system thermostats to suit every household’s needs. At Owenhouse, you’ll find a wide selection of thermostats, including standard manual and programmable options as well as Wi-Fi-operated and Smart-home options.

Vent covers, faucet covers & heat tape

Don’t let extreme weather put your pipes in peril. At Owenhouse, we stock various winterization essentials, including faucet covers, pipe wrap, foam pipe insulation, water heater and duct insulation, copper vent defrosters, heat tape, and more.


Talk To One Of Our Experts About Our Plumbing and Heating Supplies in Bozeman, Montana Today


When it comes to plumbing and heating projects, Owenhouse Ace Hardware is our one-stop-shop. Whether you’re taking on minor repairs or massive renovations, you’ll find all the tools, parts, supplies, and advice you need at Owenhouse.

Not sure how to handle your latest plumbing problem? One of our friendly local experts will be happy to share their advice, answer questions, and help you find the heating and plumbing supplies and equipment you need. Call or stop by today at either of our convenient locations in West Bozeman at 8695 Huffine Lane or Downtown at 36 E. Main Street.

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