DIY Hand Wash Station


We can all agree that being outside is the best. But it can also be messy! Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors camping, hanging out with friends at a tailgating party, or having a leisurely picnic in the park, there’s bound to be some sort of mess. That’s where Julia’s DIY hand wash station comes to the rescue! In this blog, we’ll share Julia’s insider tips on making a portable handwash station and all the supplies you need.

We’ll pass the mic to Julia now!

Thanks, Omnipresent Voice of Owenhouse Ace! Here’s how I make my own hand wash station using supplies I have at home. You can bet I got most of them right here at Owenhouse! I use this for camping, picnics, or anywhere else that doesn’t have running water for hand washing.


  • Soap
  • Paper towels (or just a hand towel)
    Paper towel holder (or not, if using a towel)
  • Some kind of cord or strap to hold the paper towel holder to your water jug (these might not be necessary if you’re using a hand towel, but I have used a Bungie cord as a “towel ring” in a pinch)
  • Water jug with a tap
  • Trash bin or bag (if using paper towels)
  • Collapsible camping table

The type of water jug you choose really depends on what else you might use it for and how you want to store it. The red Rubbermaid jug is insulated, and the blue Coleman jug isn’t, but the Coleman jug has twice the capacity. The clear, collapsible jug definitely stores the easiest, though (and, unlike the others, you open the tap and press down on the whole jug to squeeze the water out of the top of it).

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diy handwash station made with drinking jug and bungee cords
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