Riding Mower or Walk-behind: How to Choose the Perfect Mower for You!


With summer around the corner, we can almost hear the grass growing. We like a good lawn, but we love a good mower! Has your lawn started to perk up?  Maybe it can tell we’re talking about it. But how to choose the right mower for your needs? It can be hard to choose with so many models, bands, and styles. 

What is the difference between a riding mower and a push mower?

The main difference is how you make it go. Do you sit on it? Or push it? That’s right—mower-naming conventions are extremely logical. 

A riding mower, like the Toro Z-Turn Mower (ask if we have any in stock!), is a mower you can sit on and drive! It can also be called a ride-on mower. This includes standard riding mowers, lawn tractors, and ZTR (zero-turn) mowers.


David Cardona is the Parts & Services Manager at Owenhouse and trains the sales team on power equipment. He has over 3 decades of experience at Owenhouse, so we asked him for expert mower advice.

Push mowers, or walk-behind mowers, are the classic lawn-care machine we’ve grown to love… or hate. But why not treat yourself? According to David, any of Toro’s cast deck models (like Toro Smartstow) are the Cadillacs of push mowers! These gas engine-powered mowers have exceptional cut quality and bagging capability and are well-built with good usable features. The Toro, Ego, and Stihl lithium battery-powered mowers are also excellent options. 

There’s more nuance to sub-categories in each, such as electric or gas-powered, but we will focus on the difference between riding and push mowers in this blog. 

Why Choose a Riding Mower:

Riding Mowers Save Time!

Riding mowers are huge time savers if you have a lot of ground to cover. You can just hop on and get mowing in no time. No need to throw your back out trying to rev up the motor on your push mower. Just put in the key and drive, baby!

A Comfortable Ride

There’s nothing wrong with seeking out the finer things in life, especially when it comes to lawn care. There’s something luxurious about climbing onto a riding mower and sitting on a nice seat. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still “work,” but it isn’t as taxing as a walk-behind mower. This is especially important if you have a lot of lawns to mow!

Toro TimeCutter Riding Mower - T74770 at ACE Hardware - Bozeman, Montana

Riding Mowers are Efficient

Efficiency is another bonus for riding mowers. With larger cutting widths, you’ll take fewer passes to cover the same amount of ground. Spend more time enjoying summer in Bozeman!

These Babies do More than Mow!

That’s right— riding mowers aren’t a one-trick pony! Since they’re essentially mini-tractors, you can use them for more than mowing. You can attach a trailer to pull gardening tools or landscaping equipment around your yard for more efficiency. If you’re interested in towing a lawn sweeper or yard cart, we can special order it for you.

Why Choose a Push Mower:

Push-Mowers Give You Precision

The smaller turning radius lets you get all the nooks and crannies of funky-shaped yards and create smooth edges alongside berms and even beside your house.

Great for Smaller Yards or Lawns

Push mowers have been the go-to for folks for years because, let’s face it, they work! A walk-behind mower is a great option if you only have a small section of grass to maintain or don’t need to mow very often.

An Affordable Lawncare Option

Less machine = less money. If you have a smaller yard or don’t do landscaping professionally, a walk-behind mower is a great option. Plus, if it breaks down, we can fix it! That way, you don’t have to buy a brand-new mower every summer.

Good Exercise!

Sometimes it’s nice to work up a bit of a sweat while doing landscaping. Pushing a mower around your yard can be a great form of exercise! So if you’re looking for a workout and have a smaller yard to maintain, a push mower might be the way to go.

Our Favorite Models

If you’re looking for mowers in Bozeman, come to Owenhouse Ace! We have a variety of mowers to fit any lawn size and budget. Our top recommendations are:

It’s time to Get Mowin’, Bozeman!

What’s nicer than a velvety-green lawn in a Bozeman summer? Having a nice yard where you can host a BBQ and fire up the old grill is a summer essential! But that means you’ll need to make sure that the yard is presentable.

Whether you need a push mower (walk-behind) or a riding mower, you can bet we have just the thing for you! Already have a mower but need a tune-up? Check out our Parts and Repair Shop!

With so many options available, choosing the perfect mower can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! Owenhouse Ace in Bozeman has got you covered with our top recommendations for mowers that fit your needs. Our team is always happy to ask any questions you might have. Swing by and find out!

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