7 Best Outdoor Adventures in Bozeman, MT


Summer in Bozeman is the absolute dream. With expansive skies and breathtaking mountains, it is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. If you like being outside, Montana has something to offer: rock climbing, fly fishing, hiking, packrafting, and more. Whether you seek adrenaline-pumping experiences or serene natural beauty, read on for some top outdoor adventures near Bozeman.

1. Get Hooked on Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a beloved pastime in Bozeman, and there’s no shortage of pristine rivers and streams teeming with trout. From beginners to seasoned anglers, the area offers diverse fishing opportunities. Check out Outside Bozeman’s guide to rod and reel tips and gear recommendations to enhance your fly fishing experience.

Any recommendations for a first-time fly-fisher or enthusiast?

If you want some Made in Montana Magnetic Fly Patches I do know a guy.

Also…bug spray, yeti cups and coolers, plastic organizer bins for holding fishing fly, 10 in 1 or pliers, Needle nose, sunscreen, sunglasses, Chums (to keep your sunglasses from falling in the river) and a big sun hat!

2. Visit Yellowstone National Park

The iconic Yellowstone National Park is just a stone’s throw away from Bozeman. With its geothermal wonders, awe-inspiring wildlife, and stunning landscapes, Yellowstone is truly a national treasure. In fact, it was the first National Park to be established in the world! You honestly have to see it to believe it, so we recommend you just get in your car and go. But if you need some direction, these top 10 hikes are worth checking out.

I come into the store and tell you that I'm from out of town and going to Yellowstone. Anything you would suggest I grab before heading out?

Yeti Cooler!

Pro tip: Pack your own food, it’s expensive in the park and those areas get super crowded. There are a ton of picnic areas to enjoy! Also bring…snacks, sun hat, hydro flask, bear resistant cooler, emergency rain poncho, water bottle (there are fountains to refill them) and bear spray!

3. Find Epic Hiking near Bozeman

Bozeman provides access to many hiking trails for those who love to explore on foot. From strolls to challenging summits, the surrounding mountains offer something for every hiker. Discover the beauty of places like Hyalite Canyon, Fairy Lake, or the exhilarating Bridger Ridge Trail. Lace-up your boots and get ready for an unforgettable hiking adventure! Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and water bottle, though!

What is your best hiking memory?

Sheila: The best memories of hiking with my kids are my favorite Montana trips out slough creek, visiting Silvertip Ranch between Yellowstone and bear tooth. A grand hike with a really cool privately owned ranch that has existed since before Yellowstone National Park.

4. Packrafting for Paddlers

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the rivers near Bozeman, packrafting is the answer. This exciting activity allows you to travel light and explore the waterways at your own pace. Outside Bozeman recommends trying out the Gallatin and Yellowstone Rivers, and for those seeking a more accessible option, Montana Whitewater offers fantastic guided tours.

5. Chalk up for Rock Climbing in Bozeman

Bozeman is a rock climber’s paradise with its rugged cliffs and challenging routes. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a beginner looking to try this thrilling sport, there are options for all skill levels. Take on the challenges of local crags such as Practice Rock or the Gallatin Tower, and feel the adrenaline rush as you conquer the heights. If you want to dive into local routes and ratings, check out the Mountain Project! This site brings together lists of the classic, most popular, highest-rated climbing routes by area.

6. Backcountry Backpacking in Bozeman

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a backcountry backpacking adventure near Bozeman. Popular backpacking routes include Mystic Lake via New World Gulch Trail, North Cottonwood Creek, or North Fork Deep Creek Trail to Elephant Head Mountain. If you want more expert advice and guidance, check out The Outbound! Remember to equip yourself with essential gear from Owenhouse!

Helpful products to ensure a successful backpacking trip?

Bear spray for sure!

Also, be sure to bring Off bug spray, Yeti Rambler (I’m told they float), Banana Boat sunscreen, Gerber Multitool, Blackstone grill , Nebo, waterproof matches, Messermeister Adventure Chef and folding utensils, Butane canisters, Solo Cook Kit by UST, Collapsible pour over by UST (my all time favorite way to make coffee in the back country), head lamp, Eno hammock, Life Straw and first aid/emergency kit by UST.

7. Mountain Biking

Bozeman’s rugged terrain and extensive trail networks make it an excellent destination for mountain biking enthusiasts. Owenhouse Cycling is a valuable resource for bike enthusiasts exploring Bozeman by bike. They have a huge variety of bike gear, accessories, and even rentals, along with a helpful team ready to set you up with the mountain biking adventure you’re looking for!

Let’s Get Outside, Bozeman!

Bozeman beckons adventurers with its abundance of outdoor activities. Whether you’re casting a fly on a tranquil river, hiking through breathtaking landscapes, paddling on scenic waters, scaling rocky cliffs, backpacking in the backcountry, or mountain biking through thrilling trails, this Montana gem offers something for everyone.
If you need any last-minute outdoor gear, come to Owenhouse! You’d be surprised what we have stocked up – from hammocks to coolers to bear spray (yep, you just might need it!). We’ve got it at Owenhouse Ace!

If you want to test out some trails on your mountain bike, pop over to Owenhouse Cycling, right next door to our downtown location.

See you outside, Bozeman!

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