10 Trending Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore


Repainting the interior walls of your home has many benefits. Not only does a fresh coat of paint instantly change the look of your home, but it also protects the surface of your walls, improves the air quality, and increases the real estate value of your home.

Whether you hire painters for a larger project or tackle the painting of a smaller room on your own, you’ll need first to decide what colors you want in your new space.

To help you decide, Benjamin Moore has picked their top paint colors for 2022. They also awarded one color as their 2022 Color of the Year, October Mist. With so many Benjamin Moore color options to choose from, this annual list is a great place to start your research.

To help you even further, we’ve narrowed down their colors to the 10 top hottest interior paint colors for your next project.


10 Hottest Interior Paint Colors for 2022


1. October Mist 1495

A classic neutral, October Mist is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2022. Perfectly designed to match dark or light decor, it can be paired with a navy couch and coral pillows or off-white furniture and dark pillows. It can be used as an accent wall or line all the walls in your room. October Mist allows space and flexibility for all your creative ideas.

October Mist From Benjamin Moore      October Mist

Photos by Benjamin Moore


2. Steam AF-15

Benjamin Moore’s Steam is a soft yet refreshingly clean white paint. Steam works well as a base color in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Paired with an October Mist accent wall, you’ll achieve a relaxing, comforting space.

Steam AF-15 From Benjamin Moore      Steam

Photos by Benjamin Moore


3. High Park 467

This beautiful herb-inspired green contains gray undertones lending itself to a new level of green sophistication. It inspires thoughts of dew on morning leaves and walks in the garden. Pair it with Cool Mint and Simply White.

High Park From Benjamin Moore       High Park

Photos by Benjamin Moore


4. Gloucester Sage HC-100

Gloucester Sage is a dark-hued paint that adapts to the other colors surrounding it. It is a timeless color that stays modern and fresh as your home begins to age.

Gloucester Sage HC-100 From Benjamin Moore       Gloucester

Photos by Benjamin Moore


5. Wild Flower 2090-40

This unique shade of red combines hints of pink and orange making it a light, inviting red. It goes beautifully with Benjamin Moore colors White Chocolate and Dill Weed. Brighten up your stairway or guest room with a pop of Wild Flower.

Wild Flower From Benjamin Moore      Wild Flower

Photos by Benjamin Moore


6. Mysterious AF-565

Depending on the light or even your mood, this denim blue can be seen as black or rich navy. It goes beautifully with both October Mist and Steam. We love it as a bedroom accent wall.

Mysterious AF-565 From Benjamin Moore       Mysterious

Photos by Benjamin Moore


7. Quiet Moments 1563

For the room you go to curl up in a chair with a good book, Quiet Moments is a perfect complement to your tranquil space. It is a gentle mix of blue, green, and gray that can be paired with Benjamin Moore’s dark-hued Mysterious and softer Cotton Tail color.

Quiet Moments 1563 From Benjamin Moore       Quiet Moments

Photos by Benjamin Moore


8. Venetian Portico AF-185

Venetian Portico is an earthy, clay-inspired paint color that goes well with the blue-hues of Smokestack Gray and the yellow undertones of Featherbed. It creates a calm, comfortable environment in any room in your home.

Venetian Portico AF-185 From Benjamin Moore       Venetian

Photos by Benjamin Moore


9. Collector’s Item AF-45

Collector’s Item is the perfect backdrop for your home, a stunning off-white that gets its undertones from very light pink. Make a statement adding Santorini Blue or Exotic Purple as accent walls. Either of those vibrant colors will pair wonderfully with this off-white paint.

Collector’s Item AF-45 From Benjamin Moore        Collectors

Photos by Benjamin Moore


10. Hint of Violet

Just enough violet to please the eye, the base of this color is a cool gray. Pair it with Squirrel Tail and Onondaga Clay for a Tuscan-inspired room or Nickel and Appalachian Brown for a more modern, city-inspired blend of colors.

Hint of Violet From Benjamin Moore       Violet

Photos by Benjamin Moore




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