Adventure Guide: Top 10 Recommended Items for Your Next Adventure!


It’s time for your next outdoor adventure! Before the fun begins you will need to start planning for your upcoming trip. From organizing an extensive, multiday trip to simply brainstorming a day trip backpack checklist the information overload can be overwhelming.

Proper planning before going on a trip can be the difference between a fun and successful trip and an unfortunate disaster. You will never be able to predict exactly what might happen or go wrong while out on your adventure and that is why it is super important to be prepared for everything.

If you are unsure what types of things will come in handy on your upcoming trip we have put together a list of our top 10 must-haves for your next outdoor adventure.


UDAP Bear Spray for Bozeman Montana


#10 Udap Bear Spray

If your adventure takes you to bear country you must make sure to bring bear spray. Bear attacks are extremely dangerous so in the unlikely event that a bear does attack, the bear spray might just save your life. UDAP Industries, Inc. manufactures the world’s hottest self-defense pepper spray and bear spray, which makes a great addition to any adventure.


Coleman lantern for night time outdoor adventures



#9 Lantern, Flashlight, and Headlamps from Coleman, Nebo, and Dorcy

While out on your adventure you are sure to get a lot of sun, but once that sun sets for the night you will need an alternative source of light. An assortment of lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps will ensure that you can see outside the reach of your campfire’s light. We recommend brands like Coleman, Nebo, and Dorcy for their dependability.

Fiskars axe for outdoor adventures


#8 Axe From Fiskars, Stihl, and Collins

While adventuring, the ability to create and maintain a fire is essential. An ax is a versatile tool that will come in handy in a variety of situations. Its primary purpose will be for cutting and gathering firewood, but it can also be used for other helpful chores around camp like hammering in tent spikes or clearing out brush.


Solo stove smokeless fire pit


#7 Solo Stove Smokeless Firepits

Not every adventure means you have to sacrifice comfort. Sometimes an outdoor adventure can still be glamorous and comfortable. If this sounds like your kind of adventure, then a Solo Stove smokeless firepit should certainly be on your list. This stainless steel portable stove is perfect for locations without a preconstructed fire ring.


ENO portable hammock for outdoor adventures


#6 ENO Portable Hammock

Many people find that the best parts of any adventure are the quiet moments where you can kick back and enjoy the peace of nature around you. For this reason, a portable hammock is a great item to take with you. ENO’s portable hammocks are lightweight and packable so they can easily fit in most backpacks.


yeti cooler for outdoor adventures in bozeman montana


#5 Cooler from Yeti, Igloo, Hydroflask, and Lone Moutain

A high-quality cooler is one of the most important must-haves when camping. A cooler will keep your food and beverages cold and fresh throughout your trip. You will want to make sure that your cooler is built using high-quality materials so it can stand up to any rugged activities your adventure takes it on.


yeti camp chair for outdoor adventures


#4 Yeti Camp Chair

After a day of adventuring, once you get back to camp you will want a way to rest your legs. A comfortable camp chair should be on every camp packing list. When deciding on a camp chair to bring, reach for one that is lightweight, durable, and comfortable like those from Yeti.

lodge cookware for outdoor adventures


#3 Lodge Cookware

Just because you are out in nature does not mean you have to compromise when eating and preparing delicious meals. There is something special about cooking over a campfire, especially in high-quality, cast iron camp cookware. Lodge offers a selection of camp ovens, liners, tripods, and more to make sure you eat delicious meals all trip long.

leatherman multi tool for outdoor adventures


#2 Multitool From Leatherman, Gerber, and Swiss army

While out exploring you never know what you will come across or what challenges you will face. That is why it is important to prepare for any circumstance. For this reason, a multitool should be on every camping supplies list. A multitool is a versatile solution to a wide variety of challenges that may pop up throughout your trip.

CAMCO RV Accessories for outdoor adventures


#1 CAMCO RV Accessories

If roughnecking it out in the wilderness is not your ideal adventure and instead you prefer to camp from the comfort of an RV then it is important to stock up on all of the RV accessories that are needed to keep your RV functional and comfortable.

What to do once you know what you need to go on an adventure!

Now that you know some of the essentials we recommend to pack before your next adventure you will have a better idea of other items to add. Every trip is unique. Every location offers something different to consider, whether it is climate, weather, animals, or restrictions you will have to be on the lookout for the proper gear to best support your trip. Just as every hike is a different experience, every packing list for a hiking trip will have slight differences to accommodate.

The above list is a good starting point and reflects many of the essentials you might consider for each trip.

Owenhouse Ace stocks these and other camping must-haves. If you are in Bozeman, stop by Owenhouse Ace Hardware for your one-stop shop to get all of your adventurous travel essentials crossed off of your camp list.

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