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When you’re shopping for new kitchen appliances, you can’t do better than the innovative and attractive Breville products available at Owenhouse Ace Hardware. Trusted and recognized worldwide for their striking appearance, thoughtful design, and intelligent engineering, Breville kitchen appliances are renowned for their versatility and ease of use.

Whether you’re shopping for a new juicer, sandwich maker, or automatic espresso machine, you’ll find what you’re looking for and so much more at Owenhouse Ace.

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Why We Love Breville Kitchen Appliances


Breville kitchen appliances make it easy to create chef-quality food and beverages from your home kitchen. Founded in 1932, the Australia-based company is an industry leader producing innovative specialty kitchen appliances that make it easy to prepare high-quality meals from your kitchen counter.

Breville’s commitment to constant improvement often leads to breakthroughs in innovation and design, and they hold dozens of patents reflecting their long history of industry-leading discoveries. With a range of sleek and attractive appliances that often incorporate “smart technology” in their design, including Breville Smart Ovens®, espresso makers, and automatic coffee machines, you’ll find a Breville appliance to suit any need.



Breville Products We Carry at Owenhouse Ace

Air Fryers

Breville’s Smart Oven Air Fryer is powered by the Element IQ® system, which uses algorithmic technology to ensure the ideal cooking environment. More than just an air fryer, it offers eleven smart cooking functions so that you can gain the benefits of several small cooking appliances in one attractive countertop smart oven.


A Breville blender is one you’ll be proud to display on your kitchen counter. Whether you’re seeking a one-touch smoothie blender or a powerful blender that can mix, chop, and spin, you’ll find a Breville blender that meets all your needs.


Why choose between getting a juicer or a blender? With a Breville bluicer, you can juice, blend— or both! —with one sleek countertop appliance. Breville bluicers include an interchangeable design that incorporates a single base with two distinct modes so you can process fruits and vegetables then directly extract their fresh juice.

Coffee Machines

No matter how you take your coffee, an automatic coffee machine from Breville will elevate your morning and make brewing cup after cup of perfect coffee more effortless than ever. Breville’s line of coffee and hot beverage makers also includes milk frothers so you can whip up your favorite frothy coffee shop beverages and creamy hot cocoa with the push of a button.


Breville’s countertop cookers include a variety of slow cookers, steamers, and more, so you can cook up delicious home-cooked meals under the ideal cooking conditions. These versatile appliances boast ceramic coated surfaces for easy cleanup. They include smart preset functions and a range of automatic and adjustable controls that allow for slow or fast cooking without compromising flavor or texture.

Espresso Machines

If your goal is to make specialty coffee that rivals your favorite coffee shop, you’ll find the solution in Breville’s range of manual and automatic espresso machines. From the Breville Barista Express®, which transforms beans to espresso in under a minute, to the Breville Barista Touch™, which allows you to save up to eight customized coffees, you won’t believe what you can brew up with a Breville espresso maker.

Food & Drink Smokers & Wood Kit

With a Breville Smoking Gun® food and drink smoker, you can infuse smokehouse flavors into foods and beverages with ease. Using a cold smoke system, the Smoking Gun allows you to infuse even delicate foods like ice cream and butter with smoky flavor, and its dual-speed control lets you increase the intensity when you’re seeking a more robust smoky flavor.

Food Processors

With a Breville food processor cutting, peeling, and chopping for you, you’ll feel like you have a sous chef by your side in the kitchen. That’s why Breville named their line of food processors the Sous Chef®! From all-in-one designs with attachments to peel and dice to classic models that take on chopping, slicing, and shredding with ease, there’s a Breville food processor to take on every job.

Grills & Sandwich Makers

With Breville’s countertop grills and sandwich makers, you can prepare paninis and grilled sandwiches that rival those from your favorite café from the comfort of your kitchen. Many designs feature drip trays, removable non-stick plates, LCDs, and other intuitive, user-friendly features that make cooking and cleaning a breeze.


Breville’s high-speed juicers pair noise-reduction technology with powerful performance to make it easy to juice whole fruits without the noise common to most juicers and blenders. For citrus fans, there’s no better solution than Breville’s range of citrus juicers and presses, which outperform and outlast the competition thanks to a patented acid-resistant cone.

Kettles & Tea Makers

If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, Breville’s range of manual and automatic tea makers and kettles make it easy to brew the perfect cup or pot of tea every time. Many models are available in compact and standard sizes, so you can precisely choose the size and features that meet your needs.


Breville’s baking mixers include both hand-held and electric mixers suitable for any mixing, beating, or kneading your recipe may require. Breville mixers are compatible with various attachments, including flat mixers, whisks, dough hooks, scrapers, and more, so you can always find the right tool for each step of your recipe.

Sous Vide

With sous vide appliances from Breville, cooking your food to its ideal temperature—and only its ideal temperature—is easier than ever. With iPhone and Android compatible apps so you can cook your food from anywhere over Wi-Fi, you can keep an eye on your meal without stepping foot in the kitchen and never worry about overcooking again.

Waffle Makers

Whip up mouth-watering waffles for breakfast or brunch for the whole family with a Breville waffle maker. With a no-mess moat, deep cooking plates, and PFOA-free non-stick coating, it’s never been easier to cook batch after batch of perfect, evenly cooked, fluffy waffles with no mess or lengthy cleanup.

Water Filters

Keep your coffee, tea, and espresso tasting their best with replacement filters for your Breville beverage machines from Owenhouse Ace Hardware. We stock various resin water filters designed for use with Breville espresso and beverage machines.



Find Breville at Your Locally Owned Hardware Store, Owenhouse Ace!

When you’re shopping for small kitchen appliances, you’ll find all the high-quality Breville products you need at Owenhouse Ace Hardware. Whether you’re shopping at our Downtown or West Bozeman location, you’ll find a curated selection of Breville appliances to elevate your kitchen’s style and enhance your cooking at Owenhouse, not to mention plenty of help and advice from our team of local experts. If you’d like to add a Breville small appliance to your kitchen, stop by Owenhouse today!


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