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Lodge Manufacturing Company has been producing American made cast iron skillets, pans, griddles and more since it was founded in 1896 by Joseph Lodge. Located in the Appalachian town of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, the original foundry burned down and the company has since moved, modernized, and expanded. Lodge’s dedication to quality, technology, and employees have helped it not only survive but flourish. In 2002, pre-seasoned cookware was introduced, eliminating the hassle of its unseasoned counterparts. It was an industry first that has since become an industry standard.

The Wildlife Series

Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillets: A kitchen essential in any home, cast iron skillets are extremely durable and versatile, making them perfect for any cooking method from stove top to oven to grill.

Round skillets are available in sizes ranging from 3.5″ up to 17″, and some sizes may be used with either tempered glass or cast iron lids (lids sold separately). Square skillets are available in 5″ and 10.5″ sizes.

New to 2018, the all new line of wildlife themed cast iron cookware features some of America’s most distinctive animals.

Pre-Seasoned Reversible Griddle/Grill

Cast Iron Griddles & Grills: Perfect for several cooking styles from traditional southern to ethnic cuisines. Lodge offers griddle and grill pans separately, as well as three reversible griddle/grill options.

Griddles are ideal for cooking everything from bacon and eggs to pizza and pancakes. They conducts heat evenly with no hot spots and maintains heat efficiency and cooking control. The slightly raised edges keep oil, batter and other ingredients neatly contained. Griddle pans come in two sizes: 10.5″ round and 12″ square. 

Grill pans create tantalizing grill marks on meat or vegetables without having to leave the comforts of your kitchen. The raised bars will also let you keep food from simmering in fatty drippings for lower-fat cooking. Grill pans come in four sizes: 6.5″ and 10.25″ round, and 10.5″ and 12″ square.

Pre-Seasoned Dutch Oven

Enameled Dutch Oven

Cast Iron Dutch Ovens: The original slow cooker, cast iron Dutch ovens have been a kitchen staple in American homes for centuries and deliver superior cooking performance. Dutch ovens are perfect for cobblers and soufflés and can also make a great deep fryer. They conducts heat evenly with no hot spots and maintains heat for efficiency and cooking control.

Available with wire a bail handle, perfect for camp and hearth cooking, or looped side-handles, making it easy to move from stove top to the oven. Sizes range from 1 to 9 quarts.

In 2005 Lodge introduced their colorful line of porcelain enameled round and oval Dutch ovens, available in sizes ranging from 1.5 to 7 quarts. These precise castings and tight-fitting lids absorb and retain heat extremely well. Clean up is a snap and you can marinate, cook, serve, and store food in these versatile vessels.

Camp Dutch Oven Cooking 101

Pre-Seasoned Camp Oven

Cast Iron Camp Ovens: The Lodge portable “camp stove” is the pot that does it all. The flanged lid holds hot coals and inverts for use as a griddle. The integral legs allow the oven to sit perfectly over hot coals. The bail handle is for use with a tripod when cooking over an open fire.

Available in a variety of depths and sizes starting at an 8″ deep 2 quart oven, all the way up to a 14″ deep 10 quart oven. All camp ovens include the Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Cooking 101 cookbook so you can learn to use America’s oldest cooking implement, complete with illustrated guides and great recipes.

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Dutch Oven Liners

Accessories: Lodge has certainly thought through everything you might need to make cooking with cast iron as easy as possible. Whether you’re cooking indoor or out, their line of accessories covers everything from silicone handle covers, egg rings and specialty grill pan scrapers, to Dutch oven parchment paper liners, lid lifters and camp tripods.

Use and Care: Lodge offers plenty of tips on how to get the most out of your cast iron. All of Lodge’s pan are pre-seasoned, meaning they have already had a layer of cooking oil baked on, and with a little TLC they can last a lifetime.

Cooking tips: Cast iron can be used on all stove tops, from induction to electric to gas, even on the grill! Give your grill a few minutes to pre-heat prior to adding your food, and while you can always add oil; a low heat setting can prevent food from sticking. Because there is no chemical coating to damage you can use any utensils you like when cooking, even metal. Due to it’s awesome heat retention abilities it’s important to remember to use a hot handle mitt or pot holder when handling a recently heated cast iron pan.

Cleaning tips: Cast iron should always be washed by hand. Use warm water and a bristle brush to scrub it. Add soap if desired but stay away from dishwashers and metal scouring pads, which can harm the seasoning of the pan. A pan scraper is great for removing stuck on bits or you can simmer a little water for a minute before removing the pan from the stove for extra sticky situations and then use the scraper after it has cooled enough to handle. Promptly and thoroughly dry your pan with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. You may notice some dark residue on your paper towel or cloth when cleaning. This is perfectly safe; it’s just the seasoning reacting to foods that may be slightly acidic or alkaline. It will disappear with regular use and care. After you have dried your pan and preferable while it is still warm from the wash, rub with a thin layer of cooking oil. This creates a layer of protection against moisture. Hang or store your cookware in a dry place until next time you’re ready to cook.

Watch the video below to see the basics of cleaning your cast iron cookware or click here to learn more.



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