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    Gift Guide Roundup: The Best Gifts for Everyone

    There is something for everyone in our Gift Guide, and you can get all the best gifts right here at Owenhouse Ace! Gift-giving doesn't have to be hard this holiday season! We’ve created a go-to gift guide for everyone in your life. The best part? You don’t need to go out of your way! You can get gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for pets, and affordable gifts at Owenhouse Ace. Don’t let the holiday gift-giving frenzy get to you; use our handy gift guide instead. read more →
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    Birdseed Guide: Right Seed, Right Breed.

    If you plan on feeding wild birds, you have to remain mindful of the make-up of your birdseed. read more →
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    5 Local Bozeman Brands we Love

    To support our local economy we decided to highlight 5 local Bozeman brands that we love and tell you why we love them! The local businesses we are featuring have a wide variety of products we carry in our stores: West Paw dog products, Special K Ranch greenhouse grown plants, Permafrost Coolers, TitanStraps, and Béquet caramel candies! Not only are you supporting the local economy when you buy these products, but as you will discover, they are unique creations that have a special history behind them! read more →
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    Taste Of The Wild Pet Foods

    The balanced diet that nature intended.

    Modern science proves that your dog or cat still shares the DNA of the ancient canine or wild feline. Although their tastes demand something of the wild, your pet’s diet should provide them with all the best…

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