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Bozeman’s Garden Center at Owenhouse West

The Garden Center at Owenhouse Ace Hardware West is seasonally stocked with a wide variety of garden plants, garden supplies, and all the garden tools you need! If you are looking to decorate your outdoor entertaining patio with colorful hanging baskets and beautiful planters of flowers, we have those assembled and ready for you. If you are looking to start a basic home garden with your children to teach them where their food comes from, we have a wide selection of fruit and vegetable seeds and seedlings ready for planting. If you are ready to expand your garden so it more fully supports your family, we have everything you need to construct and maintain a high quality, high producing fruit, and vegetable garden.

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      • Annuals
      • Perennials
      • Herbs
      • Vegetables
      • Hanging baskets
      • Soil & compost
      • Mulch
      • Tomato cages
      • Pots & planters
      • Basket liners
      • Barrel planters
      • Watering cans
      • Lawn decorations


Locally Grown in Montana: Meet our Growers

We are committed to working with only the highest quality, local, family-owned, and charitable growers in Montana. You support local, and we support local too. Supplying only the best flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, hanging baskets, and more for our community of shoppers to choose from.

  1. Visser Greenhouses – A family owned and operated business since 1972 in the Gallatin Valley, they supply our annual and perennial flowers, vegetables, herbs, beautiful hanging baskets, and other container arrangements.
  2. Special K Ranch– A family-oriented program that employs adults with developmental disabilities on their 230 acre working ranch located just east of Columbus, Montana. They also supply our annual and perennial flowers, exceptional hanging baskets, herbs, and vegetables.
  3. Wagner Nursery – A family owned and operated nursery and landscaping business in Belgrade, Montana. They supply a wide variety of colorful and gorgeous hanging baskets.

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Ask the Owenhouse Ace Gardening Experts:

Is the Garden Center open?

Yes, the garden center is open. Visit Owenhouse Ace Hardware West today!

What are the best gardening tools?

It depends on what you are growing and how large you want your garden to be. We have tools for small flower window boxes up to large high yielding family fruit and vegetable gardens. We carry a wide variety of brands and products for you to choose from and our staff will help you make sure you have everything you need.

How much does gardening cost?

You can build a garden with any budget. It all depends on how large or small of a garden you wish to construct and what crops you wish to grow. Just like you can grow a garden virtually anywhere, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you figure out what is best for your budget and your space.

What soil should I use for my gardening?

We carry a wide variety of garden soils for a wide variety of gardening needs. Potting soil mixture, garden soil for vegetables and herbs, organic raised bed soil mixture, garden soil for flowers, moisture control potting soil, compost, soil additives, fertilizers, and more depending on what you are growing. Tell us what you are growing and we will be happy to advise you on what soil you should be using for your garden.

What’s the difference between organic gardening and non-organic gardening?

Non-organic farming uses chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth, genetically modified seeds, synthetic pesticides to kill insects on or near plants, and synthetic herbicides to kill weeds. Organic gardening relies on crop rotation, natural insect or bird predators, traps, manure-based fertilizers, mulches, and naturally derived weedkillers to keep pests and weeds away from your crops. We carry the gardening products and supplies you need for either type of gardening practice and are happy to assist you in deciding what is best for you and your family.

What garden plants are best for bees in our area?

Honey bees, solitary bees, and bumble bees are useful for pollinating vegetable and fruit crops in your home garden and they feed on a wide variety of flowering plants both native and non-native to Montana. If you plant a wide variety of flowering plants (including vegetables and herbs) you will be supporting bees. As far as native plants are concerned, in the spring we recommend willows, maples, linden, serviceberry, dandelion, crocus, calendula, borage, chokecherry, pussy willow, and leadplant. In the fall we recommend sedum, aster, Rocky Mountain bee plant, fireweed, goldenrod, Joe-pye weed, rabbitbrush, snakeweed, blanket flower, and several native thistle species.



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If organic gardening is important to you and your family, we have you covered at Owenhouse ACE! We have everything you need to start and maintain an organic home fruit and vegetable garden of any size! We have a wide variety of organic gardening products including seeds, seedlings, soil, compost, soil additives, fertilizers, and pest control supplies. We carry several different brands of organic gardening products and our staff is here to answer any questions you may have and help you figure out what is best for you!







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