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Owenhouse Ace Hardware in Bozeman, MT

Owenhouse Ace Hardware carries over 15,000 items in our hardware department!

Whether you’re looking for new door hardware, want to upgrade your mailbox, or need to pick up a few nuts and bolts, the hardware department at Owenhouse Ace Hardware has got you covered.

With hundreds of bins full of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, spacers, and more, you’re sure to find all of the familiar and even hard-to-find hardware pieces you’re looking for. Whether you need a single screw to complete a project or all the hardware to hang a new exterior door, you’ll find it, and all the expert advice you need, at Owenhouse Ace Hardware.

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  • Home safety products

    Protect your family and your possessions with our selection of child safety products, safety gates, safety test kits, and more.

  • Fire extinguishers

    We stock numerous fire extinguishers suited for use in your home and kitchen, including countertop aerosol extinguishers and standard 2 lb cabinet mounted kitchen fire extinguishers. We also carry fire extinguishers suitable for automobile, garage, and commercial use.

  • Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

    Shop our selection of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, including plug-in, battery-powered, and hardwired options.

  • Mailboxes

    We carry a range of mailboxes, including steel, plastic, red cedar, and aluminum designs with an assortment of finishes and styles. You’ll also find wall mounted mailboxes, letter safes, mail slots, and mailbox posts and locks.

  • House numbers & signs

    Find adhesive and nail-on house numbers for your home, garage, and mailbox in assorted styles and finishes, as well as address plates, signs, signposts, and sign frames suitable for many home and commercial needs.

  • Pictures hangers & hooks

    Shop our selection of temporary foam hangers, picture hanging kits, hanging wire, molding hooks, drywall anchors, self-leveling hangers, and more to hang all your photos, mirrors, and decor safely.

  • Locks

    We carry an assortment of keyed deadbolts, keyed door levers and knobs, electronic and wifi enabled entry door locks, security bars, lock cylinder barrels, and lock and key installation kits to secure exterior and interior doors.

  • Door hardware

    Get door hardware, components, and installation kits to repair and install interior and exterior doors, including garage doors, screen doors, and sliding doors.

  • Drawer & cabinet hardware

    At Owenhouse, you’ll find cabinet pulls, hinges, knobs, casters, latches and locks, drawer slides, furniture and chair glides, and much more to finish all the drawer and cabinet repairs, installations, and projects on your list.

  • Window hardware & screen repair components

    We stock a collection of screen cloth, window screens, screen framing, window latches, and more for window and screen door installation and repairs.

  • Hardware cloth & chicken wire

    We carry galvanized hardware cloth and chicken wire in a range of sizes, weaves, and finishes, ideal for animal containment, home maintenance, craft projects, temporary fencing, and more.

  • Chain link fencing components

    You’ll find fence posts, wood stakes, and gate equipment in the Owenhouse hardware department, along with a large selection of aluminum, plastic, and steel agricultural and garden fencing.

  • Metal stock

    We stock metal sheets, rods, and tubes in stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and more, available in various pre-cut sizes.

  • Springs

    Find window screen tension springs, hobby horse extensions, compression springs, extension springs, and other specialty hardware to complete projects around the house.

  • Chain & cable

    We stock a wide selection of aircraft cables, security cables, decorative chains, and chains available by the foot or by the rope, including welded coil chains, machine chains, twist link chains, and more.

  • Rope, paracord & bungee

    At Owenhouse, we carry packaged rope and rope by the roll in a range of materials so you can find what you need. We also carry braided paracord, bungee, spring snaps, quick links, turnbuckles, and other accessories.

  • Dowels & balsa wood

    You’ll find fence posts, wood stakes, and gate equipment in the Owenhouse hardware department, along with a large selection of aluminum, plastic, and steel agricultural and garden fencing.

  • Tarps, ratchet straps & tie-downs

    You’ll find vinyl, polyethylene, canvas tarpaulin tarps, and more in a range of weights and sizes. We also stock grommets, tarp grabbers, ratchet straps, tie-downs, and canopy kits and accessories.

  • Gutters

    Get everything you need for drainage projects, including gutters, downspouts, extensions, gutter guards and brackets, splash blocks, joint connectors, and more.

  • Exterior vent covers

    Find a variety of exterior vent covers, including dryer vent covers, undereave vents, automatic gable shutters, and more.

  • Weatherstripping

    Weatherstripping will protect your home from the elements and keep interior air inside (keeping your house warm during Bozeman winters). We carry weatherstripping for doors, garages and windows at Owenhouse Ace.


Talk To One Of Our Experts About Hardware Today in Bozeman, Montana

Whether you’re shopping for framing nails for a big renovation or drawer pulls for a minor cabinet makeover, you’ll find what you need at Owenhouse Ace Hardware. Call or visit us today and see why Owenhouse has been Bozeman, Montana’s trusted source for all their hardware needs since 1897.

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