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Pet Supplies

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Pet Supplies in Bozeman


Keep dogs occupied from chewing on things around the house by giving them something from our large selection of rawhide bones instead.

Pet Waste Disposal Bags Package

Waste Disposal

Keep your yard clean and pick up after your pet with our selection of pet waste bags and dog poop scoopers, and keep your house clean with our cat litter scoops and dog pee pads.

Pet Hair Lifter Pad Package

Pet Grooming Supplies

Keep your pet looking good with pet grooming supplies. Our selection of shampoos, brushes and clippers will keep your furry friend looking its best.

ProSense Itch Solutions for Pets

Pet Health & Wellness

Keeping your pet healthy is a priority. That is why we stock a variety of dog and cat vitamins.

Pet Toys

Pets want to have fun too! Keep your furry friends entertained with our selection of pet toys from kong dog toys, floppy fish cat toys, and many more!

Pet Treats

Give your pet something special from our assortment of pet treats. We offer a variety of options from training treats for dogs to cat dental treats and many other delicious options!

Cusioned Brown Dog Bed

Pet Beds

Pets need their beauty rest too. Give them a good night’s sleep and shop our selection of dog beds and cat beds.

Extra Heavy Duty Dog Tie Out

Collars, Leashes & Tie Outs

Secure your pets on walks or in the yard with our large selection of dog collars, cat collars, and pet leashes

Cat Accessories

Keep your cat or kitten entertained and active with our variety of cat toys, from scratchers to play tunnels.

Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

Pet Stain & Odor Removers

Accidents happen. That’s why we carry pet stain removers and pet odor eliminators to keep your home clean and smelling good.

Sentry Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs

Flea, Tick & Supplements

Keeping your pets free of fleas and ticks is important to their health and comfort. That is why we carry flea treatments for dogs, cats, and puppies.

Pet Bowls

Pets of all shapes and sizes can feast with our wide variety of pet bowls, including cat bowls, dog bowls, and elevated dog bowls.

Pet Food

Our large selection of pet food– including dog food, cat food, and birdseed– means that no pet goes hungry!

Cats Pride Premium Cat Litter

Kitty Litter

Pets can be messy. That is why we have a large selection of cat litter, cat litter boxes, and litter box supplies to keep your house tidy and odor-free.

Pet Kennels & Crates

Whether you are on the go or out of the house our selection of pet carriers, dog kennels, cat carrier backpacks, and pet crates will keep your pet safe and secure.

Pet Supplies You Can Shop In-Store

At Owenhouse Ace Hardware, we know that pets are more than mere companions—they’re a part of your family. That’s why we carry a wide variety of pet supplies, including premium dog and cat foods, treats, toys, dishes, and many more pet supplies for your furry family members.

We strive to provide you (and your pets!) with the best choice of first-rate pet food and products. You’ll find an assortment of pet supplies at both of our Bozeman, MT locations, with the most extensive variety housed in the Owenhouse West pet department.

No matter which location you choose, there’s no need to leave your best friend behind while you shop—we’re happy to welcome all friendly, leashed dogs in both Owenhouse Ace Hardware locations, and we even keep treats at the registers!

Whether you’re shopping for a cat bed, dog kennel, or a new squeaky toy, you’ll find what you need to keep your pet happy, healthy, and clean at Owenhouse Ace Hardware.

Premium dog & cat food

At Owenhouse, we believe that healthy pets are happy pets. That’s why we stock a variety of premium dry and wet dog and cat foods. Our wide selection of top-rated pet food brands ensures you’ll find what you need to keep even the pickiest of pets happy.

Specialty dog & cat food for restrictive diets

If your pet has allergies or health concerns that require a specialized diet, head to Owenhouse Ace Hardware. We carry a selection of high-quality pet foods, including grain-free, unique ingredient, and high protein options, as well as other allergy-safe and restricted-diet pet foods.

Cat & Dog Treats

Whether you’re training your pet, want to reward their good behavior, or need to give your new puppy something safer to chew than your shoes, there are plenty of reasons to stock up on healthy pet treats, and we have plenty of options to choose from! We stock a variety of training treats, chews, jerky, bully sticks, bones, and dental treats for your pet at both Owenhouse Ace Hardware locations.

Pet Toys

Puppies and kittens need lots of toys to exhaust their endless reserves of energy, but even adult and senior pets need exercise and mental stimulation. Stop by Owenhouse to shop our line-up of indoor dog and cat toys, laser toys, frisbees, tennis balls, chewing and scratching toys, squeaky toys, and more.

Leashes & collars

At Owenhouse Ace Hardware, we carry a variety of collars, harnesses, leashes, training collars, tie-outs, reels, and other options to keep your dog safe while out on walks and hikes or right in your backyard.

Food & water dishes

Find what you need to feed every furry member of your family and safely store their food at Owenhouse Ace Hardware. We carry dog and cat food dishes in a variety of sizes and styles, as well as gravity feeders, slow feeders, automatic water dishes, food scoops, can covers, and more.

Beds & crates

Owenhouse carries everything you need to make your pets feel safe and happy whether they’re at home or on the road. Stop by and shop our supply of pet beds, pet pillows, pet blankets, carriers, crates, indoor and outdoor kennels, dog houses, and more.

Grooming tools

Shop the collection of grooming tools and supplies at Owenhouse Ace Hardware to keep your pet healthy and looking their best (and cut down on the pet hair in your house, too!) We carry a variety of grooming mitts, brushes, hair lifters, nail clippers, toothbrushes, scissors, trimmers, and more.

Care products

At Owenhouse Ace Hardware, you’ll find a variety of pet care products to tackle any pet need or concern. We stock vitamins, supplements, kitty litter, flea and tick preventative and treatment products, and much more.

Cleaning & hygiene supplies

When it’s bath time for your dog or cat, head to Owenhouse and shop our selection of cleaning and hygiene supplies, including dog and cat shampoos, conditioners, ear cleaning products, tooth cleaning supplies, coat sprays, cleaning wipes, and more.

Talk To One Of Our Experts About Our Pet Supplies in Bozeman, Montana Today

You want the best for your pet, and Owenhouse Ace Hardware is here to help. Whether you’re shopping for a harness for your new puppy or a cozy bed to keep your senior cat warm, you’ll find what you need at Owenhouse.

Our knowledgeable, friendly team is always happy to answer your questions and help you find what you need–and we’re known to give belly rubs to four-legged shopping companions now and again, too! When you need to stock up on pet food and supplies, head to Owenhouse West at 8695 Huffine Lane or shop our Downtown Bozeman location at 36 E. Main Street.

Shop Pet Supplies by Brand


Dog Toys

Burn some energy playing with Chuckit! dog toys. We carry their tennis ball launchers, frisbees, glow-in-the-dark balls, and other fun toys to make sure dogs and owners alike are satisfied with playtime.

Earth Animal Logo

Earth Animal

Dog Food

Dogs need to eat healthy too which is why we carry Earth Animal dog food. Earth Animal dog foods offer nutritionally complete foods that your pet will love.



Dog Treats

There is no pet treat quite like GREENIES. Made with natural ingredients that freshens breath and cleans your dog’s gum and teeth, it’s no wonder pets and owners alike love them.



Dog Toys

New puppies and old dogs alike love to chew things. That’s why we carry KONG products whose selection of rubber balls and chew toys can stand up to the most destructive chewers.

Lupine Pet Logo

Lupine Pet

Pet Leashes & Collars

We carry a large selection of Lupine Pet leashes and collars so that every four legged friend can stay safe and stylish.

Nature’s Miracle Logo

Nature’s Miracle

Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Owning a pet can be messy but our selection of Nature’s Miracle products will allow you to keep your house stain and odor free.

NutriSource Logo


Dog Food, Dog Treats

Much like us, dogs need the right nutrients to stay healthy. Our selection of NutriSource dog food ensures that every dog gets the healthy food that they need.

Petmate Logo


Pet Bowls & Dishes, Pet Leashes & Collars, Pet Accessories

Our selection of Petmate products ensures that you have access to all of the pet necessities you need including bowls, leashes, and collars at affordable prices.

PetSafe Logo


Pet Leashes & Collars, Pet Accessories

Shop our PetSafe products offer peace of mind that your pet is safe and accounted for. Wireless collars, wired boundary kits, and dog doors all ensure that your pet stays where they need to be.


Pet Food

Our selection of Purina dog and cat food is sure to give your pet the balanced, nutritious diet they need. 

Redbarn Logo


Dog Treats

Every dog loves to receive treats. That’s why we carry Redbarn dog treats, so whether you are training a new pup or pampering an old dog shop our selection of tasty treats.

Taste of the Wild Logo

Taste of the Wild

Dog Food, Cat Food

Give your pet what they really want with Taste of the Wild dog and cat food. Your pet is sure to love this protein rich food made from natural ingredients.


Pet Food

Victor Super Premium Pet Food offers many great dog food choices, like high-protein options, grain-free options, and more. Available in-store only!

West Paw Logo

West Paw

Dog Toys

West Paw dog toys offer a unique and colorful selection of rubber balls, tug toys, and frisbees all at an affordable price much to the delight of pets and pet owners.

Tips & Advice for Pet Owners From Our Blog

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Supplies

What are the healthiest dog treats?

Many vets recommend feeding your dogs treats that are made from all-natural ingredients without fillers or a lot of fats. Some suggest giving your dog non-commercial treats like cut-up carrots or apples. Just make sure to check you are not giving them any foods that are harmful to dogs like grapes or chocolate.

What's the best dog food?

There is no one right answer, as the best dog food for your pet will depend on its age, size, and medical history. Talk to a vet if you are unsure what food is best for your dog.

What is the best cat litter?

Different cat litter may be better in different situations and usually comes down to a matter of preference from both the owner and the cat. Most vets agree that odor-absorbing litter is better than odor masking litter as the added fragrance can keep your cat from frequenting the litter box. They also recommend litter that clumps to waste rather than un-clumping litter.

How do I get rid of fleas on my dog?

It is best practice to first call your vet to determine a flea removal plan. They will have the best idea of what products will work on your pet. Be careful of using just any flea removal product on any animal as some canine flea and tick removals are lethal to cats, while cat flea and tick removals are not formulated for dogs and won’t be effective.

What are the best cat toys?

The best cat toys are the ones that keep your cat engaged and playful. Different cats may prefer different toys but we suggest stocking up on a few of the classics like a scratching post or box, a catnip toy, and a feather wand.

Customer Reviews

I love going into the downtown ACE. I can easily walk there from my house and always bring my little dog who is now known by most of the salespeople.There is always someone ready and eager to help. When I was little, there was a wonderful hardware store on the main avenue of my hometown. It had wood floors and wall cabinets on the doors of which hung examples of the merchandise inside–a tantalizing array of screws and nails and hooks, etc. I remember the kind salesmen and can even conjure up the smell. ACE Downtown has many of the same qualities, the foremost one being the friendly, informed salespeople who make every visit a pleasure. My dog agrees!

– GC

Helpful friendly staff and great selection! Leashed dogs are welcome and always get treats!

– Roger F

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