Winter in Bozeman: Everything You Need for Fun and Survival


Montana winters can be colder than any civilized words care to describe. Part of the mindblowing grit of Montanans is they live here year-round because they know it’s not all doom and gloom! If you’re gearing up for weathering winter in Bozeman, you’ll need straight-up survival essentials and the best gear for winter fun so you can still enjoy the great outdoors. This blog will go over some of our favorite winter products for survival and for fun! Plus, bonus content from the team at Owenhouse.

Winter Survival Essentials

Montana winters are cold: there is absolutely no sugarcoating that. We can put on a happy face when the snow starts to fall, but once the ice gets into your house… it starts to get a little too real. We’re proud and capable people, us Montanans! We’re tough enough to live in this state. But we’re still human, and becoming an iceblock every year is just not part of the lifestyle. Balance the rugged Montanan lifestyle with these winter survival essentials.

Snow Removal

Snow removal tools can range from hardcore iceberg destroyers to fluffy snow drift shifters (read: snow blowers or snow shovels). Avoid turning your driveway into a makeshift ice rink with these winter warriors!

Bozeman Montana toro snowblowers

Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are an essential part of any Montana business model in the winter. If you have a big parking lot or driveway that clients or customers depend on to patronize your establishment, they need you to do the dirty work of throwing that snow! Make it easier on yourself by buying a Toro, EGO, or Honda snowblower at Owenhouse Ace. Whether you’re looking for a smaller single-stage or a heavy-duty two-stage model, Toro snowblowers combine outstanding durability with advanced technology so you can clear snow like a pro. We also carry single-stage and two-stage Honda Snowblowers. As an authorized Honda Dealer, Owenhouse has access to all of Honda’s products and can special order items as needed! Looking to exceed the power of gas? With the power of EGO’s two ARC Lithium™ batteries, a 24-inch clearing width, and a 20-inch intake height, you’ll be done clearing your driveway and sidewalks (and drawing attention from envious neighbors) in no time. Not sure what you need? Give us a call, and we’ll help you out.

Snow Shovels

We don’t all need snowblowers to get through winter in Montana. Sometimes, a good old-fashioned snow shovel can do the trick. Snow shovels are an essential part of any Bozemanite winter tool shed! The beauty of a snow shovel is that it just… works. Sure, you’ll probably break a sweat if we get anything more than 4 inches of snow, but it’s affordable and does the job! Besides, you can always pay your kids or neighbors’ kids to shovel the driveway, right?

Ice Management

Keep Jack Frost at bay and your home slip-free with these ice-busting essentials. Deicing is an essential step in the winter prep process. Just because the snow is gone doesn’t mean you’re in the clear! We have a range of ice management tools and supplies at Owenhouse Ace.

Lava Grip

LavaGrip is an eco-friendly traction aid designed to boost safety in icy conditions. Its special lava shape provides a superior grip on ice compared to other commonly used salts and ice melt products. This Canadian ice management product comes from an actual volcano!

We love it because It’s safe to use on all kinds of new concrete and bridges. Unlike road salt and chemical deicers, LavaGrip won’t void warranties!

safe step ice melt bag

Ice Melt

Sometimes, ice melt is the only way to go. Calcium chloride ice melt is the most effective ice melt in lower temperatures when compared to other ice-melt compounds. It is less expensive than sodium acetate but more expensive than other compounds. Of course, there is a whole range of ice melt products available, and some are better than others for specific situations.

Does Your Business Go Through Ice Melt Like Nobody’s Business?

Get in touch with Tony, our business supply guy! He can get it at bulk rates and even deliver it to your door.

Keep Your Home Warm

If it’s too cold to go outside, you definitely need a cozy home to snuggle up in during the winter months. We have all sorts of things to keep your house warm this winter!

bozeman ace basic pleated air filters

Air Filters

When your air filter decides to throw a dust party, your cozy home is all of a sudden filled with chilly spots. That dirty filter not only messes with warm airflow but also plays hide-and-seek with your ducts, coating them like an impromptu snowfall. Time for your filter to clean up its act! We have all sorts of air filters at Owenhouse, and we’re happy to help find the right one for you!

picture of draft buster for blocking windows and doors

Door wind blockers

Because chilly drafts are so last season. Seal the deal with door wind blockers from Owenhouse Ace! It’s simple to install, affordable and makes a huge difference when the cold air keeps getting colder.

weather seal for windows doors and cracks


Lock out the chill and keep warmth inside where it belongs. When your home has secret energy escape routes (aka air leaks), not only does it get a wee bit chilly, but that’s hot money disappearing from under your door. But fear not; the superhero duo of caulking and weatherstripping is here to save the day. These dynamic defenders not only stop drafts but also make your home cozier than a blanket fort on a chilly day. Plus, they’re so efficient that they basically pay for themselves in energy savings within a year. Find the perfect fit at Owenhouse Ace.

Prep Your Car for Winter

There’s nothing more terrifying than getting stuck on the side of the road during a blizzard. While we hope that this situation never presents itself, it’s important to prepare for all types of winter turmoil in Montana. Here are some essential tips and tools your car needs to survive Montana winters.

De-Icer for locks

Unlock the magic of a frost-free car with de-icer from Owenhouse Ace! Specifically crafted to lubricate and ensure smooth operation, this magical potion works wonders in thawing frozen locks during winter. Easy to apply and foolproof with included instructions.

Windshield Wash

Don’t let your windshield become a sloppy slush fest. We carry quality windshield wiper fluid that is specifically designed to improve winter driving visibility. It is formulated to melt ice & frost fast! Peak -30 deg Extreme Temperature Windshield De-Icer washer fluid works hard to prevent dangerous refreeze.

Car Covers

Picture this: Your car, snug as a bug in a winter rug, shielded from snow, sleet, and frosty surprises. A car cover is like a cozy winter jacket for your ride, keeping it looking sleek and ready to hit the road without the icy hassle. Plus, no more morning frost scraping – just unveil your car like a winter wonder and cruise off into the chilly sunset

DIY Winter Emergency Kit

Read our blog for the best winter emergency tools and survival supplies in Bozeman! Get your winter prep for Montana winters started with these tips.

Winter Fun Essentials

Hello, snow lovers! We can’t just talk about winter as if we were prepping for the end of days (although it’s important to be prepared for anything). Winter is fun! With the right gear and the right toys, you can enjoy even the coldest Montana winters. Ok, maybe not the coldest. But here are our essentials for winter fun.

Outdoor Activities

Imagine a fluffy snowy day, slowly floating down from the sky. You grab your friends and family and jump on the sleds for a day of snow-packed fun! We can make that happen! But if you want to stay warm, you need the right gear.


Sleds are quintessential snow day must-haves. Whether you’re a toboggan-style sledder or love a good tube, we have an assortment of sleds at Owenhouse.

Hot Hands hand warmers

Don’t lose your fingers out there! We love Hot Hands because they’re practically magic. These hot pocket pals warm up your digits in seconds.


alpaca wool knit hats bozeman montana

Hats, Gloves, Etc.

You need to layer up if you’re spending time outside! Come to Owenhouse for hats, gloves, and more!

Cozy Gatherings

While having great gear to enjoy the great outdoors is something we all love, we want to fully support cozy gatherings closer to home. Whether that’s indoors or outdoors, staying warm and hanging out with loved ones really makes a winter wonderland a reality!

 S’mores supplies

Grab your marshmallows and chocolate; we’re roasting s’mores! What would a cozy winter be without some campfire treats? Whether you roast over your fireplace indoors or your outdoor pit, we have the goods! Well, you might need to pop over to the Bozeman Co-op Downtown or Smiths for the actual marshmallows… but we have firewood, fancy grilling utensils that double as marshmallow roasting sticks, and a team full of people ready to help you find what you need.

Solo stove smokeless fire pit

Solo Stove

Let’s take it outside! Our Solo Stoves are the perfect addition to your cozy winter arsenal. From outdoor fire pits to countertop marshmallow roasters (see above), we have every kind of cozy stove you could ask for.

Rumpl Blankets

Keep it super cozy with Rumpl blankets! These resilient adventure blankets are perfect for the outdoors or snuggling up on the couch. Plus, they can double as a cape, which is both very cool and very functional if you ask us! We carry an assortment of colorways and fun patterns at Owenhouse.

Puzzles and board games

Stay inside and play some games! We asked the team what their favorite snow day board games were, and here’s what they recommended:

Courtney B. – “Rook! We also like to hole up in a coffee shop with friends and play Catan.”
Titus M. – “Twister”
Maggie S. – “Cribbage”
Rose C. – “Monopoly because it’s fun to beat everyone”
Abby M.- “Life.”
Mia P. – “Oregon Trail”
Grace M. – “Catan”
Hazel R. – “Shoots and Ladders”
Brittney J. – “Checkers / Chess”
Jay H. – “Risk”
Luuk M. – “Hungry Hungry Hippos”
Ethan H. – “Shoots & Ladders”
Tom J. – “Rummikub”
Eric Z. – “Monopoly”
Isabel K. – “Scrabble”
Tony O. – “Scrabble”
Ryan V. – “Chess”
Rob L. – “The Farming Game”
Tyler B. – “Liar’s Dice”
Raquel H. – “Jenga, but specifically at Jake’s Corner Lounge in Bay City, MI, because the Jenga blocks are huge.”

dice stacked on a board game

Owenhouse Ace: Your One-Stop Winter Wonderland Supply Store!

Winter in Bozeman is no match for you if you have the right gear and the right attitude. From conquering icy challenges with our top-tier winter survival essentials to turning your outdoor escapades into epic winter tales with our fun gear, Owenhouse Ace has got your back. So, whether you’re battling snowdrifts or cozying up with a cup of cocoa, make Owenhouse Ace your go-to winter wonderland supply store. Embrace the cold, stay warm, and let the adventures begin!

Need help finding something? Let us know! We’re here to help.

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