Gift Guide Roundup: The Best Gifts for Everyone


Gift-giving doesn’t have to be hard this holiday season! We’ve created a go-to gift guide for everyone in your life. The best part? You don’t need to go out of your way! You can get gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for pets, and affordable gifts at Owenhouse Ace. Don’t let the holiday gift-giving frenzy get to you; use our handy gift guide instead.

Best Gifts for Her

We all have influential and inspiring women in our lives, and they deserve the world! Unfortunately, we can’t actually give that, so we’ll settle with some unique and thoughtful gifts instead. Gifts for her can mean many things. Great gifts for moms might be a new travel mug for chilly morning commutes. Gifts for a sister might be a cozy scarf or a fun game! Here are some of our best gifts for the wonderful women in your life:

1. YETI Rambler

Why it’s the best gift for her: This YETI Rambler is the ideal drinking companion. It’s dishwasher safe, perfect for coffee or cocktails (variety is the spice of life, after all!), and the double-wall vacuum insulation does a stellar job of keeping drinks very hot or very cool.

Purple YETI Rambler

2. Spectrum Black Steel Wine Rack

Why it’s the best gift for her: Do you have a mother-in-law with exquisite taste in wine but nowhere to showcase it? This wine rack is the perfect gift for her! It’s simple, classy, and won’t break the bank. The design isn’t just classy; it’s functional: the angle helps prevent corks from drying out.

Wine Rack with wine bottle

3. Auto Sensor Candle

Why it’s the best gift for her: When it comes to gift-giving, it’s the little things that we remember. This Auto Sensor Candle is perfect for mantle or window decorating during the holidays or to bring warmth to her interior design. Candles are cordless and completely portable, making them a safe way to spruce up her home!

Electric candle in window

Best Gifts for Him

It can be difficult to find cool gifts for men. So many gifts for our brothers, dads, or significant others can seem cliché. Camping gear? They probably have it. Grilling supplies? We did that for Father’s Day! But, even so, a great new Traeger gill might be up there for the gift of the year.

If you’re not ready to splurge on a grill (although we think it’s a great gift for dad), here are some gift ideas for him:

1. Milwaukee M12 Toughshell Long Sleeve Full-Zip Heated Jacket 

Why it’s the best gift for him: We all know how cold it gets in Bozeman! This Milwaukee heated zip-up jacket is a must-have for the men in your life. It will keep him warm on even the coldest Bozeman throws our way! The battery-powered heating element adds a little “oomph” to the already weather-proof layered coat.

Black Milwaukee Jacket

2. Presto Eversharp Matte Plastic 3 stage Knife Sharpener

Why it’s the best gift for him: Because everyone deserves a diamond-sharp knife for their culinary adventures. Quickly sharpening your blades on the fly is essential for those who spend a lot of time whipping up great meals. This sharpener is great for hunting, chef, and even santoku knives.

Knife sharpener with person sharpening knife

3. Traeger Pop-And-Lock Front Folding Shelf Steel

Why it’s the best gift for him: Are you looking for great gifts for dads? Since you already got him that Traeger Grill for Father’s Day, why not help him accessorize? Elevate his grilling experience with this front folding shelf! Perfect for prepping, resting meat, and plating. Plus, it folds down for easy storage when not in use.

Traeger grill with food on it and shelf


Santa at a grill
Santa’s grilling on a Traeger this year!

Gifts for Pets

Who doesn’t want to pamper their pets? Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, we can all agree that our furry friends deserve gifts, too. Some gifts are purely practical, like glow-in-the-dark collars for early morning or late-night walks. But we also have a great selection of toys and accessories for cats and dogs that are plain fun! The best dog gifts might also double as a gift for your dog-loving friend. The best cat gifts might just be something that keeps them from scratching your furniture.

Because they can’t ask for gifts themselves, we’ll tell you what our favorite pet gifts are.

1.  Kong Red Rubber Rubber Ball

Why it’s the best dog gift: Kong is an iconic dog toy brand for a good reason. These rubber balls are durable, bouncy, and made of natural rubber. Guaranteed for hours of fetch and play of all kinds!

Red kong ball in package

2.  Boss Pet Polyester Purple Cat Furniture

Why it’s the best cat gift: Cats love to explore, but sometimes they get into places you’d rather they didn’t (vents, cabinets, pipes… the list goes on). That’s why this polyester purple cat tube is the perfect cat gift! It encourages exploration in a fun (and safe!) environment. Cats can’t resist crawling inside the mysterious tunnel. Plus, it pops up and retracts easily, offering portable, lightweight fun anytime!

purple and yellow striped cat tunnel

Best Gifts for Outdoorsy People

If you live in Bozeman, you’re bound to know a handful of outdoorsy folks. Hey, you’re probably one yourself! There are so many cool gift ideas for people who love to get outside it can be hard to narrow them down. We have a whole department dedicated to outdoor living! So if you’re looking for practical gifts for the serial campers, avid hikers, and backcountry explorers, we bet there’s something at Owenhouse for them.

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for outdoorsy people:

1. YETI Tundra Haul 55 White Hard Cooler

Why it’s a great gift idea: YETI coolers are a coveted [thing] amongst outdoorsy friends. They’re reliable, sturdy, and incredibly good-looking. And this one has wheels! Like its predecessors, this Tundra is built with Rotomolded construction and PermaFrost insulation, so you can trust that your contents will stay frosty, even in triple-digit temps. Great for camping, river trips, and more.


2. Buck Knives Special Black 420 HC Stainless Steel 10.5 in. Fixed Blade Knife

Why it’s a great gift idea: Hunting knives are practical gifts for all outdoor adventurers, not just hunters. The 119 Special is for the person in your life looking for a sturdy, reliable blade. It easily slices through all sorts of things you might run into outside! It even includes a sleek black leather sheath.

Hunting knife

3. Bushnell PowerView 2 Manual Standard Binoculars

Why it’s a great gift idea: Nature is pretty neat, but even neater if you get to see it! These binoculars ensure the looker a fantastic view of all those picture-perfect moments in the wild. This model features an all-metal chassis that has never been offered at this price! Why should you be excited? The metal is your built-in insurance for the rudded outdoors: it ensures durability in the harshest elements, meaning the chassis won’t crack in the extreme cold of winter or warp in the summer heat.

binoculars with text overlay highlighting features

Best Budget-Friendy Gifts

With so many people to get great gifts for, your wallet may be looking a little sad… that’s why we also want to highlight some of our affordable gifts! Remember, a low price tag doesn’t mean you don’t care. Sometimes “cheap” gifts can be the most sentimental. It really comes down to how well you know the person you’re getting the gift for.

1. Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

Why it made our gift guide: Cast iron skillets are a godsend for anyone who loves to cook. And this one is less than $30! Cast iron is well-known for unparalleled heat retention and even heating, which ensures a great sear on a steak, crispy veggies, and more! It’s seasoned with oil for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use. Bonus: it’s easy to maintain and will last a lifetime.

cast iron  skillet with veggies on grill

2. Dot’s Homestyle Original Pretzels

Why it made our gift guide: Because everyone loves to snack! While we carry an assortment of tasty giftable snacks, we thought Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels were worth a shout-out. They’re a salty and savory classic snack and would be a perfect stocking stuffer!

bag of Dots pretzels

3. Meat Church Holy Voodoo Seasoning Rub 

Why it made our gift guide: Holiday gift-giving is a great opportunity to encourage people to explore new things! That’s why we think this Holy Voodoo Seasoning Rub would be the best budget gift. You might not buy yourself a $10 seasoning, so getting it as a gift is a special gesture. This rub is inspired by Cajun cuisine and has a lovely savory profile. But watch out — the jalapeño kicks!

Holy Voddoo Seasoning next to plate of grilled fish with lemons

What Will You Get From the Gift Guide?

The holidays should be filled with compassion and celebration! But the pressure of getting a great gift can get in the way. The spirit of the season shouldn’t be focused on material goods, so we think of the best gifts as a way of showing someone you know them. It’s a way to say. “I see you,” and create space to share beautiful moments in the future. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t things alone; they are an experience.

If your dad loves camping, what about a YETI Cooler to take on YOUR next adventure together? Pairing things with moments is the ultimate gift-giving move! A thoughtful gift from someone who cares about you speaks volumes about your relationship. Did anything from our list stand out? Or are you looking for something a little different? Let us know! We’re here to help.

service desk decorated with snoflakes
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