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Electrical Supplies BozemonElectrical Supplies at Owenhouse Ace in Bozeman, MT


When you need electrical supplies to take on projects around your house and landscaping, head to Owenhouse Ace Hardware to find everything you need. We carry an assortment of both standard and hard-to-find light bulbs, indoor and outdoor lighting elements, outlet adapters, and more.

Whether you’re looking for wire, conduit, and electrical boxes for your project or need to pick up a pack of batteries on the way home from work, one quick stop at Owenhouse will get you what you need so you can get back on your way. We stock a wide selection of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and equipment, timers, electronics cords, and plenty of other electrical supplies and necessities at both of our Bozeman, MT locations.

Do you have questions or need help finding a product? No problem—our friendly and helpful staff are always on hand to answer questions, share advice, and help you find what you’re looking for. Stop by Owenhouse to find the electrical supplies you need today!

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Electrical Supplies Bozemon

In Our Electrical Department You’ll Find:


Indoor & outdoor lighting

At Owenhouse, you’ll find all the indoor and outdoor lighting products and fixtures you need for your home and landscape. We carry a large variety of light bulbs, light fixtures, outdoor security lights, landscape and deck lighting, vanity lighting, under cabinet lighting, and much more.

Replacement fixture glass

Stop by Owenhouse to find replacement glass and parts for your home lighting fixtures, including replacement glass, glass lamp shades, fixture shades, replacement shade adapters and risers, replacement fixture refractors, and other replacement lighting necessities.

Lamps & flashlights

At Owenhouse, we have your lighting needs covered, with products and supplies to light the way indoors, outdoors, and on-the-go. Shop our assortment of searchlights, headlamps, outdoor lanterns, flashlights, floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, and much more at both of our Bozeman, MT locations.


Stop by Owenhouse Ace to stock up on the batteries you need to keep your tools and other devices running. We stock battery charges as well as a full selection of household and specialty batteries, including alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries, silver oxide batteries, and hearing aid batteries.

Extension cords

The electrical department at Owenhouse Ace Hardware is stocked with an assortment of extension cords for indoor and outdoor use, including household extension cords, appliance cords, landscape extension cords, extension cord reels, and more.

Surge protectors

Keep your essential devices and equipment safe from voltage spikes with surge protectors from the electrical department at Owenhouse Ace. We carry an assortment of surge protectors, ranging from single-plug wall taps to corded options with backup battery power and up to 12 outlets.

Electronics cords & accessories

Stop by Owenhouse to shop our selection of electronics cords and accessories, including appliance cords, dryer cords, range cords, generator cords, vacuum cleaner cords, and more.


Whether you’re looking to put your indoor lights or your outdoor sprinklers on a timer, you’ll find the timers and accessories you need at Owenhouse. We stock indoor and outdoor timers and switches, including stake timers, remote timers, wall switch timers, Wi-Fi timers, and more.

Outlet adapters

We carry an assortment of outlet adapters in our electrical department, including polarized outlet adapters, switch tap adapters, ac power adapters, grounded outlet adapters, socket adapters, grounded Wi-Fi adapters, non-polarized adapters, and other essentials.

Switches, outlets, & covers

At Owenhouse, you’ll find all the electrical switches, outlets, and covers you need to complete your at-home electrical projects. We stock electrical switches, wall plates, outlets, electric plugs, dimmers, and much more.

Electrical boxes

Whether you’re adding new fixtures or replacing old ones, stop by the electrical department at Owenhouse Ace to pick up the electrical boxes you need to get the job done. We carry a variety of outlet boxes, switch boxes, box covers, ceiling boxes, fan boxes, junction boxes, fan boxes, and more.


At Owenhouse Ace Hardware, we stock conduit and accessories suitable for in-wall, -ceiling, and -floor installations, as well as direct-bury or encased applications. We carry flexible PVC, aluminum, steel, and non-metallic conduit; PVC and steel line for rigid applications; as well as conduit cement, wire channels, conduit clamps, and other necessities.


Stop by Owenhouse to shop our selection of indoor and outdoor wire, including solid and stranded wires, building wire, feeder cables, copper bell wire, armored MC cable, landscape sprinkler wire, low voltage cables, copper thermostat wire, non-metallic wire, and more.

Electrical tape & tools

You need more than electrical parts and accessories to get everything done on your to-do list. That’s why Owenhouse Ace stocks a selection of electrical tape and tools, too, including conduit tools, cable cutters, wire strippers and cutters, meters and testers, electrical tape, brush-on tape, splicing tape, friction tape, heat shrink tubing, and much more.

Ballasts, fuses, & breakers

The electrical department at Owenhouse stocks various ballasts, fuses, and breakers to help you complete your at-home projects. Shop our selection of meter bases and boxes, capacitors, hubs, panels and load centers, circuit breakers, fuses, and other accessories at either Owenhouse location.



Electrical Supplies Bozemon

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When it comes to taking on big electrical projects, it’s best to leave it to the pros. For small projects around the house, though, you can find all the parts, supplies, tools, and advice you need at Owenhouse Ace Hardware.

Not sure what you need or where to find it? Our team of local experts is always on hand to answer questions, offer advice, and help you find the products and equipment you’re looking for. Call or stop by either of our convenient Bozeman, MT locations today. You’ll find us downtown at 36 E Main Street or in West Bozeman at 8695 Huffine Lane.

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