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At Owenhouse Ace Hardware, we know there’s nothing better than heading into the great outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and wildlife. We stock a wide variety of wild bird supplies and accessories so you can attract some of Montana’s local bird and wildlife population to your backyard.

When you attract birds and other wildlife into your yard, not only do you gain the enjoyment of watching them as they visit, but you also encourage a diverse ecosystem that can keep pests like garden snails and biting bugs under control.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on birdseed and suet for your bird feeders or are looking to add a birdbath or bat house to your yard, you’ll find a selection of high-quality wild bird products at both of our Bozeman, Montana locations. For avid bird watchers, or just to get a closer look at the birds visiting your backyard feeder, head to Owenhouse West.

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You’ll Find a Wide Variety of Bird Supplies at Owenhouse Ace:



At Owenhouse Ace, you’ll find a vast collection of wild bird seed and seed mixes for your feeders, including black oil sunflower seeds, songbird seed blends, peanuts, safflower seeds, squirrel-deterring seed blends, nut-free bird seed, squirrel and critter blends, and much more.

Our clean and fresh premium birdseed contains no fillers and is formulated for our area’s birds. When you use high-quality birdseed, you will notice an increase in the number and variety of birds that visit your feeder and experience less wasted or scattered seeds. Check out our bird seed selection guide.

Suet cakes & cages

Shop Owenhouse for suet cakes and cages to expand the species of birds that visit your yard year-round. Suet cakes appeal to various bird species and make an especially appealing choice in colder months when visiting birds appreciate the energy-packed meal.

High-quality suet has little or no filler and a high percentage of fat, making it appetizing to bug-eating birds. Our premium quality suet products include various blends, many with the addition of nuts or insect larvae to increase their nutritional value and attractiveness to birds.

Nectar & nectar feeders

At Owenhouse Ace Hardware, we carry everything you need to attract hummingbirds and other nectar-feeding birds to your yard, including nectar feeders, nectar concentrates, stain-free nectar water, and other nectar products that hummingbirds, woodpeckers, warblers, and more are sure to enjoy.

Bird feeders

We carry a full range of bird feeders at Owenhouse, including metal feeders, seed dispensers, plastic feeders, squirrel-proof feeders, glass bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, corn cob holders, multiple-port feeders, and other options.

Choosing the right bird feeder

When choosing a bird feeder, consider both the type of bird you wish to attract and the type of seed you’re using. Bird feeders come in various forms suitable for different bird species and diets, including tube feeders, hopper feeders, trays, hummingbird feeders, and specialty feeders. The Audubon Society has an excellent site to aid you in feeder selection. Quality is also an important measure when selecting a feeder. A high-quality feeder will last many years, attract more birds, and be easier to clean than a down-market model. High-quality feeders, such as those from our Aspects line, often come with a lifetime unconditional replacement parts guarantee, as well.

Bird & bat houses

When birds and bats make themselves at home in your backyard, they pay you back by keeping mosquitoes, grub, and other pest populations at bay. Invite helpful insect-eaters to stay with your choice of bird or bat houses, including hanging and mounted birdhouses, nesting boxes, and tree- or post-mounted bat boxes available at both of our Bozeman, MT locations.
Birdbaths provide birds with the water they need for drinking and bathing. Beyond the popular pedestal-style birdbaths, there are many birdbath styles, including those that may be hung, fitted to a feeding pole, or even floated in a pond or water garden. In the winter, a birdbath heater can ensure a readily accessible source of year-round water.

Hooks & hangers

Stop by Owenhouse to pick up hooks, hangers, and other birdhouse and feeder accessories. We carry a selection of hanging baffles, ant guards, bird-feeder polls, pee guards, hanging chains, hummingbird swings, and more.

Birdbaths & heaters

Whether you have a small side yard or a rolling landscape, you’ll find a birdbath to fit your space at Owenhouse Ace Hardware. We stock a variety of birdbaths in varied materials, which can be mounted on a patio or deck or set freely standing in your yard or garden, as well as bird bath heaters and deicers for the colder months.

Seed logs & balls

We offer a selection of seed logs and balls to hang from tree branches, on decks, or anywhere else where you can watch the birds who will flock to visit. We carry seed blocks, seed logs, corn cob bird feeders, nut cakes, quail blocks, seed and millet bells, and more.

Bird themed gifts

Stop by Owenhouse to shop our selection of gifts and accessories for the bird lover (and birds you love!) in your life. We carry bird seed dispensers, birdseed scoops, bird-themed décor, lawn ornaments, and more.


Get involved with Bozeman’s Birdwatching Community

Join the Audubon Society on day hikes to local areas of interest to see the spring migration and enjoy other birding activities. The Sacajawea Audubon Society, our local Audubon chapter, features interesting monthly educational meetings through the fall and winter so you can learn from others and share your enthusiasm for birding.


Talk To One Of Our Experts About Our Wild Bird Supplies in Bozeman, Montana Today

When you’re shopping at Owenhouse West or our Downtown Bozeman location, you’ll find a knowledgeable team of friendly experts who are always happy to help you find what you’re looking for and answer any questions.

Whether you’re new to birding and birdwatching or a longtime enthusiast, you’ll find the wild bird supplies and accessories you’re looking for at Owenhouse Ace Hardware. From seed and suet to birdhouses, Owenhouse has it all!

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