The 4 Easiest Ways to Organize and Declutter Your Home for the New Year


The New Year is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to start the year than by organizing your home? It can be tough to know where to start, but don’t worry; we’re here to help! This blog post will discuss four of the easiest ways to organize and declutter your home. When you’re ready to pack up those holiday decorations, it’ll be nice to know where to find them next year. We’ll talk about different places to organize, from the garage to the kitchen. And we’ll also give you a list of our favorite home storage solutions! If you’re feeling really inspired, you might even start spring cleaning early! We’re here to help you find all the right tools for the job. So if you’re ready to start the New Year off right, keep reading.

1. Start with Storage

The hardest thing about home storage is knowing where to start. If you start with a plan, future you will be thanking past you for being so on top of things! It can be helpful to make a big list of all the categories and items you’ll be putting in storage. Before you start putting things away, you need to think about where they’ll go. It’s time to up your storage game! We have stackable bins, latching totes, and even outdoor sheds that are perfect for storing seasonal gear or those holiday decorations you’re putting away. 

Here are some of our favorite storage products to get you started: 

2. Make Your Garage a Home Storage Palace

Garages are perfect places for storing your seasonal gear, extra layers, garden supplies, or holiday decorations… if you can keep them organized! Too often, garages become cluttered, and you can’t find anything. We’ve all been there! But when you’re boxing things up this year, make sure you can find them. Start fresh with a deep clean. Then, designate zones where you can categorize items, so they’re easy to find.  Finally, maximize your storage space by installing shelving on the walls, pegboards for tool organization, and hooks for hangable gear like bikes. 

No garage? No problem! Another great home organization option is under-the-bed storage. 

shelf with chopped wood, storage bins, and other assorted boxes

Some of our favorite storage options for garages:

3. Organize your kitchen

The kitchen can get a little hectic over the holidays. Were you fumbling around looking for the right casserole dish last year? Or maybe you swear you had a matching gravy boat and saucer but couldn’t find it anywhere? This is your sign to revamp your kitchen! Having a well-kept kitchen is one of the best ways to make a place feel like home. Organize your kitchen to maximize function and create a space you actually want to work in. And, while you’re at it, maybe it’s time to get rid of some of your old pots without lids or Teflon pans riddled with scratches and freshen up your kitchen! Check out our kitchen supplies for inspiration.

A few of our favorite kitchen organization products: 

4. Clean up your Closet

Another area you’ll want to organize is your closet. You’ll still be using winter clothes for a while (Spring in Bozeman, you know?), but holiday sweaters are ready to go into storage. It’s also a great time to think about what you’d like to donate. Then get to organizing! Shelves and shoe racks are must-haves for optimizing your closet space, and storage bags or bins can help consolidate your clothing. 

The best closet organization tools we have:

We’re Here to Help Get You Organized!

A good home storage system streamlines functionality in almost every way. Need to whip up dinner in a flash? Now you know where everything is. Need to swap your winter coat for a swimsuit? You know exactly where it is in your newly zoned garage! Now that you know how to organize your house, you can start thinking about other ways to freshen up your space – maybe a new coat of paint is in order!

The team at Owenhouse Ace is here to help!  Talk to one of our experts about storage and organization supplies right here in Bozeman, Montana today. 

No matter how big your organization project, you’ll find the products you need to get it done and make clutter a thing of the past at Owenhouse Ace Hardware. We stock an assortment of customizable shelving solutions, drawer organizers, totes, bins, and baskets at both of our Bozeman, MT, locations.

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