Unexpected Local Art & Products at Owenhouse


If you’re anything like us, you’re itching to get outside, explore local gems, and soak up the summer event scene in Bozeman. Whether you’re local or exploring Bozeman from somewhere else, there are so many fun things to do in the summer! From Farmers’ Markets to Art Walks to Music on Main, there are all sorts of ways to soak up the local culture and art scene in the summer.

With all the local buzz about Bozeman, we wanted to share some of our favorite products from local artists and businesses that you can find right here at Owenhouse! 

Local Arts & Crafts 

From pottery to metalwork, these are some of our favorite handmade pieces we carry at Owenhouse.

Gangbusters Pottery 

  • About the product: These gorgeous pottery pieces are made right here in Bozeman, just a few blocks away from our Downtown store!  Every piece of Gangbusters Pottery is handmade, so they have a unique beauty to them that can’t be matched.  
  • About the artist:  Ryan is the artist behind the business, and his whiskey cups and mugs are favorites of our customers.
  • Why we love it:  It’s hard not to! Each piece is so thoughtfully created: from drinkware to plates to kitchen essentials… it’s all art! They even do custom orders. 
  • Where you can find it: We proudly display Gangbusters right in our front window at our Downtown location, where it draws all sorts of compliments from people walking along Main Street! 

Montana Sawdust Sister Mountain Artwork

  • About the product: Gorgeous hand-created artwork made from reclaimed wood and pallets. We carry their classic mountain scenes in a variety of sizes.
  • About the artist:  Based in Manhattan, Montana, Montana Sawdust Sister (Erin and Arlis) makes all sorts of gorgeous art using reclaimed materials.
  • Why we love it: We love that our Gallatin County neighbors from up the road can sell their gorgeous Montana-themed artwork at Owenhouse! 
  • Where can you find it:  Come to our Downtown location for this art!

The Mt Kiln

  • About the product: Everything from coffee mugs to spoon rests to trinket trays and ornaments, The MT Kiln is a Montana artist you don’t want to miss!  
  • About the artist: Elizabeth, the artist behind The MT Kiln, runs her pottery shop out of her home in Conrad, MT.  
  • Why we love it: Handmade pottery is always special, but we love the Montana themes! Check out Elizabeth’s Montana-shaped trinket trays.
  • Where you can find it: You’ll find Elizabeth’s art at our Downtown location.

Gear & Miscellaneous 

We still consider these local Bozeman businesses artists!

Lone Mountain Coolers 

  • About the product: Lone Mountain Coolers are made in Montana using U.S. equipment and raw materials.  They even carry Certified Bear Resistant Coolers! If that doesn’t scream “MADE FOR MONTANA,” we don’t know what does! 
  • About the local business: Lone Mountain has been making coolers in the U.S. since 2017 in Toston, MT, just outside of Bozeman. 
  • Why we love it: Montana-made is an obvious pro for us, but we love that these are high-quality but at an affordable price! 
  • Where you can find it:  We sell these coolers at both our locations.

Titan Straps 

  • About the product:  Resistant to UV, freezing, chemical, and abrasions, these industrial straps can bear loads up to 70 pounds and are safer than bungees!  
  • About the local business:  Founded by Cameron Lawson, a local Bozeman adventurer.
  • Why we love it: Titan Straps come in handy! Whether you’re strapping a pack raft on the truck for an outdoor adventure or using them for your contractor business, Titan Straps are the perfect tool.
  • Where you can find it: Both locations carry Titan Straps.

West Paw

  • About the product: Safe, durable, and responsibly made, these eco-friendly dog toys are close to our hearts! 
  • About the local business: West Paw is a family-owned and operated business in Bozeman. It is a Certified B Corporation and a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.  
  • Why we love it: Do we have to say it? We LOVE DOGS! The eco-friendly toys are a safe choice for your pup and the planet.  
  • Where you can find it: We have West Paw products at both locations. 
Dog With West Paw Qwizl

Kitchen & More

There are tons of local products for your kitchen right here at Owenhouse! These are some of our favorites.

Cudaway Knives

  • About the product: Cudaway Knives are sleek, handmade blades that are “Bold. Beautiful. And unbelievably sharp.” 
  • About the local business:  The Cudaway team is small but mighty. They are a mix of entrepreneurs, ceramic artists, and Montana wilderness explorers. 
  • Why we love it: The perfect balance between durable German blades and precise Japanese blades, and made right here in Bozeman, Montana!

DishDarling Dishcloths 

  • About the product: These dishcloths are perfect for the environmentally conscious home! No need to burn through paper towels for a quick counter wipe. These hand-crocheted dishcloths are made right here in Bozeman, MT. 
  • About the artist: DishDarling is a stay-at-home mama who has a passion and talent for handwork. 
  • Why we love it: We love the variety of colors and textures that the crocheted dishcloths offer. Plus, they’re reusable and washable! 
  • Where you can find it: We have DishDarling Dishcloths at both our Downtown and West locations.

Red Hen Gourmet Products 

  • About the product: Red Hen Gourmet Products are the tastiest jams in town! With local fruit and a variety of flavors, these berry spreads are a delight to the palate and a welcome friend to your pantry!  
  • About the local business: Known as “The Jam Queen,” Amy has been jamming since she was 11 years old! This Bozeman Based berry blitzer uses locally grown fruit in all her products. 
  • Why we love it: Our most popular seller is definitely the Flathead cherry flavor (if you’ve never had a Flathead cherry, you’re missing out). Other popular flavors are raspberry-huckleberry and apple butter. We love having tasty, local food right at Owenhouse! 
  • Where you can find it: We have a variety of Ren Hen gourmet jams at our Downtown location.

My Favorite Scrubby

  • About the product: Made with love in Montana, My Favorite Scrubby is the ultimate combo of whimsy and function. These homemade dish scrubbers are durable, washable, reusable, and long-lasting. 
  • About the artist: A local artist who has a way with fiber arts! 
  • Why we love it: We love all the fun shapes and colors! They’re also the perfect practical gift.  
  • Where you can find it: We carry My Favorite Scrubby at both Owenhouse locations. 

Montana Love Towels

  • About the product: We found their work at the Bozeman Made Fair. They are kitchen towels that come in a variety of fun colors and materials, with the state of Montana hand-stitched on each one. 
  • About the artist:  Based in Cut Bank, MT, we consider these neighbors a local gem!
  • Why we love it: We love the Montana pride in these towels! Great for gifts, souvenirs, or home-state love. 
  • Where you can find it: You can find these towels at our Downtown location.

Blue Moose Metals

  • About the product:  Blue Moose Metals creates laser-cut magnetic bottle openers. They come in all sorts of fun shapes! 
  • About the artist:  A small family business based in Missoula. Their name and logo were inspired by their dog, Moose!
  • Why we love it: Our favorite design is probably the Bigfoot bottle opener because WE BELIEVE! We also love the elk and trout shapes because they are so Montana! 
  • Where you can find it: You can find Blue Moose Metals bottle openers at our Downtown location. 

The Cookie Mitt 

  • About the product: These handmade, quilted oven mitts come in a variety of sizes for all the cookie lovers out there! We carry small, medium, large, and X-large. Each set of two mitts is machine washable and made of cotton and metalized batting for heat resistance. 
  • About the artist:  Better by Design Studios is a local business based in Bozeman. 
  • Why we love it: We love that, even though these are technically “oven mitts,” the intention is really to bake cookies.  Who doesn’t love cookies?! And you can even bake them on your grill if you want!
  • Where you can find it: You can find these at both locations. More cookies for Bozeman!
DIY Halloween Cookies on your Traeger Grill - Bozeman, Montana

Get Creative. Get Local. 

We want YOU to support local artists! Not only are these great gifts, but they are also great souvenirs! Nothing says “I was in Montana” like a moose-shaped bottle opener. 

We have products from all sorts of businesses all over the world, but we are particularly proud of our local products and partners. Whenever we have a chance to feature Bozeman-based artists or businesses at Owenhouse, we jump on it. Our community comes first, and that’s why we want to support it in as many ways as we can. We’ve been proudly serving Bozeman since 1879, and we don’t take that lightly. Whether you come to us for classic hardware store goods for your business, for DIY projects, for adventure gear and outdoor tips, for cleaning supplies and advice, or for the best grills in town, we’re here for you, Bozeman! 

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